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I love Ge-Ge, Nep-Nep, Iffy and everyone sooo much!
~ Compa


Compa is a nurse-in-training who desires to help those in need, be it by trouble or by pain. After she finds an injured Neptune outside of her house, she becomes her first friend and ally to help save the world from Arfoire.

Compa attends to the girl who just woke up and introduces herself to her. The girl goes on to say her name is Neptune and Compa decided to address her as "Nep Nep". After bandaging her injuries, she asks Neptune about herself but Neptune doesn't remember anything. Compa recognizes this as amnesia and told Neptune that she will recover, but take some time to do so. Compa tells Neptune to rest but Neptune instead tells Compa about the dream she had about Histoire needing their help. With Neptune determined to help, Compa agrees to travel along.

Compa comes off as a shy girl, though she really isn't. She is however, somewhat dense and oblivious to some things, to the point of making random comments. This makes her somewhat of a ditzy girl who can be lied to quite easily. Such as when she was tricked into buying a fake disc, or when Warechu manipulated her into giving Linda information about the group. Because of such nature and similar personality, she happens to be very close to Neptune. Though Neptune is much more impulsive than Compa. Compa also shares a sisterly bond with Nepgear, calling her "Gear-chan". Her other closest friend would be IF, who she's been childhood friends with. A sweety, Compa is a very dependable and usually a non-greedy or rude friend. She helps those she is close to and cares for, along with the monsters or villians if sick or injured. She even had tea with a monster while Uni and Nepgear were arguing. But when pushed too far she can really let down on someone and act assertively. She has also showed a surprisingly dark side in one of the games by mentioning using a needle to push air into someone to shut them up.

Compa is the mascot character of Compile Heart, one of the creators of Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Possibly 9-C | 9-B with most of her magic | Potentially 9-A with her strongest magic

Name: Compa

Origin: Hyperdimension Neptunia

Gender: Female

Age: At her teen in Hyperdimension/Around 9-10 in Ultradimension

Classification: Human/Mascot Character

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Healing, Summoning, some degree of Energy Manipulation

Attack Potency: Possibly Street level (She's not a fighting character but a support character. She's weaker than IF because she doesn't have any fight-training. But somehow, she can beat a Dogoo easily with just 1-hit, and a normal Dogoo is stronger than any average human, so she must be around this level) | Wall level (Her heart-like explosion) | Potentially Room level with her Traehelipmoc (Hyperdimension Compa) or Bread Crumbs (Ultradimension Compa)

Speed: At least Supersonic (She can match up with IF's speed in her coupling skill)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human (In the anime, she can only lift a rock like an ordinary human)

Striking Strength: Human Class

Durability: Wall level (She feels hurt when the sisters attack her with training weapons in a Virtual Reality Training, she can take hits from Dogoo in the anime)

Stamina: Athlete

Range: Standard human melee range normally, higher with magic

Standard Equipment: Giant Syringe with a Needle, a Rod, a Twin Fan

Intelligence: Average Human, a little ditz

Weaknesses: She doesn't really want to fight.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Key: Compa | Compa with magic | Compa with Traehelipmoc or Bread Crumbs


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