The Command Block is an enigmatic block in Minecraft, capable of realizing reality warping feats through "commands". It is only accessible in Creative Mode in regular Minecraft.

While it is usually considered a non-canon gameplay mechanics, the (although non-canon) "Story Mode" spinoff game features it as a real in-story weapon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 5-A, possibly High 3-A

Name: Command Block

Origin: Minecraft

Age: Unknown

Classification: Reality Warping Machine

Wielders: The Order of the Stone

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Teleportation, Matter Manipulation, Magic, Creation, BFR, Weather Manipulation, Summoning, Time Manipulation, Time Stop, Death ManipulationStatistics Amplification, Status Effect Inducement, Law Manipulation (Can change the "difficulty of an entire world, which can modify the properties of beings and outright prevent some from existing), Void Manipulation (The difficulty can erase beings and prevent them from reappearing.), Duplication

Attack Potency: Likely Large Planet level (Can destroy blocks like Bedrock and other Command Blocks), possibly High Universe level (Gave enough power to the Wither Storm that it could destroy the Minecraft world, which has been consistently shown and stated to be Infinite, and is capable of creating storms all over that infinite world. It has been stated to be able to warp reality itself)

Speed: Immobile. Higher attack speed

Durability: Large Planet level (It can take explosions powerful enough to spread about 238,775,501.2 meters wide), possibly High Universe level (Implied that nothing short of the power of a Command Block itself could destroy it)

Range: Universal

Weaknesses: Can't work properly without being powered, which has far less durability than itself


  • Can modify the nature of blocks at will, replace them with other matter, etc.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Kill: Can kill any entity, including non-living objects, at will.
  • Summon: Summons any sort of entity at will, and can choose their attribute
  • Fill: Fills a chosen area with a specific kind of block
  • Stop: Stops time
  • Time: Fast-forward time
  • Difficulty: Changes the damage done by "monsters" types of beings, even potentially erasing them.

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