In many vs. battle situations, the outcome of the battle can be determined by who is the better combatant for the situation. Combat ability can also determine who has a clear edge in a battle.


Hand-to-hand combat (sometimes abbreviated as HTH or H2H) is a lethal or non-lethal physical confrontation between two or more persons at melee to extended melee that does not involve the use of firearms or other ranged weapons.

-American Boxing: a fighting style that uses various punches to overwelm your opponent in order to cause a k.o. by way of pressure points or repeated swift and strong attacks to the same area.

-Judo: a fighting style in which the goal is to throw or takedown an opponent to subdue them.

-Aikido: a martial art used to takedown or subdue an attacker (without harming them) by redirecting their motion.

-Jujitsu: a method of close combat (unarmed or short weapon) for defending against armed and armored opponents.

-Ninjutsu: armed or unarmed combat used to escape, decieve, confuse, subdue, or kill an opponent using unconventional means (i.e. guerilla warfare, poison, stealth, attacking the senses, traps etc.)

-Karate: a striking martial art using hands, knees, arms, legs,elbows, feet, pressure points, joint locks, and grapeling to subdue your opponent.

-Wing Chun: a martial art utilizing balance and coordination for strikes and grappling.


Ranged combat is combat by way of projectile attacks (weapon based or energy based) to cover distances greater than melee range.

-Firearms: guns

-Throwing Weapons: shuriken, throwing knives, bolos, sling, spear, javelin etc.




-Energy: spiritual pressure, magic energy, arcane forces, ki, chi, spirit energy, haki, chakra, radiation, consentrated sound, concentrated heat, elemental, pressure etc.

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