Chipper is a unlockable character in FNAF World. He is unlocked by completing the Chica's Magic Rainbow minigame in under three minutes. An alternate version of him appears as a secret final boss, Chipper's Revenge.

Powers and Stats

Tier: UnknownUnknown. Likely at least Low 2-C

Name: Chipper / Chipper's Revenge

Origin: Five Nights at Freddy's World

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Lumber Robot Beaver

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and durabilityWater Manipulation, Stat Copying, Stat Manipulation, Fourth Wall AwarenessPoison ManipulationMagic

Attack Potency: Unknown (At least comparable to Freddy and friends, One of the characters deemed powerful enough to help take on the secret unbeatable boss) | Unknown. Likely at least Universe level+ (Seems to be more powerful than Animdude, Like with Animdude, defeating him causes the game to abruptly end and force the world the be restarted. However, unlike with Animdude, it is unknown exactly what causes this.)

Speed: UnknownUnknown

Lifting Strength: UnknownUnknown

Striking Strength: UnknownUnknown. Likely at least Universal+

Durability: UnknownUnknown. Likely at least Universe level+

Stamina: Unknown | Presumably limitless due to being a robot

Range: At least dozens of meters with most of his attacks

Standard Equipment: Fourth Wall, Mimic Ball, Buzzsaws

Intelligence: Unknown | Unknown, but seems to be well aware of worlds other than his own

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techiniques:

  • Hocus Pocus (Mr. Chipper) - Using Magic, Mr. Chipper transforms his opponent into a much weaker enemy, astronomically dropping all their stats and making them easy to dispatch.
  • Buzzsaw (Mr. Chipper) - Throws a lethal buzzsaw which cuts through multiple foes.
  • Mimic Ball (Mr. Chipper) - Summons a small, seemingly invincible ball creature. Whenever Mr. Chipper or one of his allies uses a move, the ball will mimic the move at its full potency, essentially doubling its power and effectiveness.
  • Snowball (Chipper's Revenge) - Fires a lethal barrage of snowballs that inflict heavy damage on all enemies in the vicinity.
  • Esc Key (Chipper's Revenge) - Causing glitches in reality, this move has a chance to instantly kill/destroy any and all opponents.
  • Fourth Wall (Chipper's Revenge) - A glowing, spectral wall is slammed into Chipper's Revenge's foes. This attack ignores the enemies' defenses while also doing massive amounts of damage.
  • Jumpscare (Chipper's Revenge) - Stuns enemies with a painfully loud scream, allowing Chipper's Revenge more chances to attack.
  • Toxic Bite (Chipper's Revenge) - Bites the enemy wit sharp fangs, spreading a deadly poison throughout their body. This poison seems capable of hurting non-organic enemies, as well.
  • Waterhose (Chipper's Revenge) - Fires a powerful blast of water that instantly kills any enemies low on health.

Key: Mr. Chipper | Chipper's Revenge


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Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog (The Universe)) Sonic's Profile (Speed was equalized, and it was Chipper's Revenge against Darkspine Sonic)

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