Please call me "Gil". As for what I do... I'm not really sure what to say... As for the moment... I'm really enjoying modern life. It helps that the value of gold doesn't seem to have changed much in this day and age!
~ Child-Gil introducing himself to Illya


Child-Gil is the youthful form Gilgamesh takes upon drinking the potion of youth from the Gate of Babylon. Unlike his hedonistic and insufferably arrogant older self, Gilgamesh was exceedingly kind, wise, modest, and tolerant as a young boy. He was lauded as the epitome of the ideal boy king, one who brought Uruk to prosperity through his good will and sagacious leadership, baffling Enkidu until Gilgamesh grew older. He retains his memories of his older self and is ashamed as to what he becomes later on in his life.

In the story proper, he only appears in full during the events of Hollow/Ataraxia, in which he drinks the potion of youth on a whim, shocking those who know his adult form. He also appears in Prisma Illya as an antagonist and temporary ally of Illya.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C physically, at least 7-B to 7-A with Gate of Babylon, at least High 7-A with Enuma Elish, 5-B with fully charged Enuma Elish

Name: Ko-Gil, King of Heroes, Archer

Origin: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Fate/Grand Order

Gender: Male

Age: Physically in his pre-teens

Classification: Archer-Class Servant, Heroic Spirit

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, has the prototype form of almost every Noble Phantasm (with each of them being powerful or outright broken magic weapons), can spam weapons to anywhere in sight or just hurl them telekineticallyMind Manipulation, supernatural luck to get rich quickly and never lose money in a gamble, Clairvoyance, Is skilled with several of the weapons in Gate of Babylon (particularly Enkidu), Soul Manipulation (all Servants can absorb souls to replenish their magical energy), Energy Blasts, Forcefield Creation, Fire Manipulation, Invisibility, Minor Resistance to Magic and indirect attacks of magical nature such as Petrification, Mind Manipulation, and Spatial Manipulation (Can be bolstered further by the artifacts within the Gate of Babylon), Flight with Vimana, Can open portals to fire Gate of Babylon from practically any location in his vicinity, Can forcibly return to his older self if the situation requires it

Attack Potency: Town level physically (Has C-Rank Strength, making him comparable to the likes of Assassin and was also able to temporarily restrain Angelica while she used his card), At least City level to Mountain level with Gate of Babylon (The artifacts within can shred through most Servants, should be comparable to his older self's version), At least Small Island level with Enuma Elish (Comparable to his adult form, Angelica's use of Ea destroyed Shirou's Reality Marble), Planet level with a fully charged Enuma Elish (Destroyed the Mirror World, a Reality Marble as large as Earth and stated that he would use its power to "blow Illya out along with her world")

Speed: Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic combat speed and reaction speed via power-scaling (Mach 15 with Mach 45 combat speed and reactions, should be at least as fast as Saber given that his older self was able to react to her movements in Fate and Unlimited Blade Works)

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Managed to restrain Angelica, who was using his card)

Striking Strength: Large Town Class (Servants of his strength level can rend steel with just the pressure released from their strikes, on par with Archer who can deflect Caster's beams)

Durability: At least City level (Managed to tank numerous attacks from Angelica, who had access to all of the major Noble Phantasms in his treasury)

Stamina: Tireless for as long as he has sufficient prana, managed to keep fighting and even laughed off the moderate injuries dealt to him by Angelica before getting serious and turning the tables on her

Range: Several dozen meters with Gate of Babylon and Enkidu, up to planetary with Enuma Elish

Standard Equipment: Gate of Babylon, Enkidu, Ea

Intelligence: Child-Gil lacks the conceit and arrogance of his older self. As a result he is far more willing to go all out at the beginning of a fight and uses his weaponry in creative ways that his older self never did. This is particularly showcased in his use of Enkidu, trapping his foes in a ball of chains before attempting to skewer them and stealing weapons from Angelica's Gate of Babylon before throwing them at her. He is also far more willing to use Sha Nagba Imuru, fully utilizing the foresight granted by it to consistently outmaneuver his foes and produce a favorable outcome. However, while he's not blinded by his arrogance like his older counterpart, he is somewhat playful and carefree at times, which could lead to brief lapses in judgment against a seemingly harmless foe. Nevertheless, he'll get serious in an instant should he deem it necessary. In addition, he is aware of his limits, and if an opponent is too powerful for him to defeat, he can shift back into his older incarnation to win.

Weaknesses: His stats are overall weaker than his older counterpart and his mana reserves are more limited, forcing him to use his abilities, particularly Ea, more sparingly unless he has backup from a good Master when summoned as a Servant. He still isn't able to activate every single inherent ability of the Noble Phantasms in his treasury due to not knowing all of their names

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

Gate of Babylon FGO

Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure

Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure: ( 王の財宝ゲート・オブ・バビロン , Ō no Zaihō Gēto obu Babiron?) The same massive repository of treasure utilized by his older self, Child-Gil uses this somewhat more sparingly than his counterpart due to having inferior magical reserves. As a result, he cannot fire quite as many weapons at once, but is less wasteful and tends to use more of them individually. Some of the notable Noble Phantasms shown during his time as Child-Gil include:

  • Arrow Protection AmuletGo to
  • Hades' Cap of InvisibilityGo to
  • Ig-Alima: Green Field Cutting Through the Thousand MountainsGo to
  • Sul-SaganaGo to
  • True Nine LivesGo to
  • Arrow Protection Amulet: (矢避けのお守り, Ya-yoke no Omamori?) A D- Rank Noble Phantasm designed after solar eclipses that passively increases the wearer's evasion rate. When activated it automatically nullifies projectiles of D Rank and below but can tank stronger hits at a cost, allowing it to block some of the nameless Noble Phantasms stored in his treasury. In a pinch, it can be thrown as a one-shot bomb, detonating with the heat and light of a small sun, but its power is proportional to how much of the amulet is left at the time of activation and the amulet itself takes damage every time it blocks an attack above D Rank, shattering if it takes enough hits.
  • Hades' Cap of Invisibility: (ハデスの隠れ兜, Hadesu no Kakure Kabuto?), The God of the Underworld's most famous item, it is the prototype of all Noble Phantasms that "hide the figure". Wearing it allows Gilgamesh to become completely invisible and undetectable by magical means, allowing him to easily slip past complicated magical defenses and most opponents for as long as he walks quietly. In addition, it can be unraveled into a long piece of cloth that can be used to hide multiple people at once for as long as it remains around them. However, it doesn't mask one's smell, sound, body temperature, or the wearer's tracks, limiting its usefulness against those who are accustomed to following foes in this way.
  • Ig-Alima: Green Field Cutting Through the Thousand Mountains: ( 千山斬り拓く翠の地平イガリマ, Senzangiri Hiraku Midori no Chihei Ig-arima) A massive blade also known as the Mountain-Felling Sword ((斬山剣, Zanzan-ken), it is a Divine Construct that can easily tear apart entire forests simply from the force of being swung. Due to its size (which easily matches small skyscrapers), Gilgamesh cannot use it personally, but instead launches it as a crushing projectile from the Gate of Babylon that flattens the target under its incredible weight and girth.
  • Shield of the Gods: An ornate, dome-shaped shield that is speculated to be the prototype for the famous Aegis of Greek Mythology, it is durable to tank a fully-charged magical attack from Illya and Miyu as well as Kuro's traced Excalibur without a scratch.
  • Sul-sagana: A long-jagged blade comparable in size to Ig-Alima that is named after a Sumerian deity; it fires a powerful beam upon activation.
  • True Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads: ( 真・射殺す百頭ナインライブズ , Shin - Ikorosu Hyakutō Nain Raibuzu ?): The prototype of Berserker's most famous technique, it is a massive ballista that fires numerous homing energy projectiles to tear apart a target at long range.
  • Child-Gil using Enkidu

Enkidu: Chains of Heaven: ( 天の鎖エルキドゥ, Ten no Kusari Erukidu?): The same chains used by his older self, remaining his most trusted Noble Phantasm. Due to their "Anti-Divine" properties, the chains are nothing more than tough chains to those without Divinity, but are virtually unbreakable against those with a great deal of divine blood. In addition, they seal all of the target's special abilities and even bind the space around the target, preventing retaliation or escape unless the target happens to be strong enough to break the chains through brute force, which even the mighty Heracles had trouble accomplishing while boosted by Mad Enhancement. While his older self is more likely to use Enkidu to simply restrain a target while he fires away with Gate of Babylon, Child-Gil is more proactive and creative with them, trapping the target within a sphere created by them and snatching his opponents' projectiles and throwing them back at the original owner.


Enuma Elish clashing with Illya's Quintet Fire

Sword of Rupture, Ea: (乖離剣・エア, Kairi Ken - Ea) The pinnacle of all Noble Phantasms in destructive force, twisting space and time itself to show the "Truth", and the only Anti-World Noble Phantasm. Child-Gil is also able to use this Noble Phantasm and its overloaded state Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth (エヌマ・エリシュ: 天地乖離す開闢の星, Enuma Erishu: Tenchi Kairisu Kaibyaku no Hoshi). However, due to his limited prana reserves in comparison to his older self, he may only use this sparingly when summoned as a Servant unless his Master is particularly competent.

Sha Nagba Imuru (He who Saw the Deep): The Omniscient Omnipotent Star (シャ・ナクパ・イルム, 全知なるや全能の星; Sha Nakupa Irumu, Zenchinaru ya Zen'nō no Hoshi): is the mentality of Gilgamesh sublimated into a Noble Phantasm, said to have "spread across all corners of the world as if the brilliance of the stars, seeing through all creation." It is a "continuously-active-type Noble Phantasm" that does not require its name to be invoked, but it is assumed that Gilgamesh keeps it intentionally restrained. Possessing tremendous efficiency, it can discern heavily concealed truths with a single glance, from that of the opponent's True Name and Noble Phantasms to possibly even seeing through a piece of the truth of the demise of human history.

Gilgamesh is a clairvoyance user with a "sense of 'sight' several levels above the ordinary." When facing him in a game like chess, he claims that even someone making advanced predictions and reading the flow of the game will have already lost at that moment. He does not read the future of the chess board, but instead gazes down upon it and oversees, allowing the correct move to always be visible to him. Even in something like a card game, the very minimum requirement to play against him on equal terms would be to draw the precise hand required. He can also see the possibilities of various parallel worlds should he so choose, but, as a Heroic Spirit, the Throne of Heroes normally adjusts his memories and knowledge to the world in which he is summoned to keep him from being confused by multiple sets of memories. Unlike his older version, Child-Gil uses this ability freely, allowing him to make much better strategic decisions (Such as his decision to retreat from the Ainsworth stronghold once Angelica began installing five Class Cards in addition to his own) and this ability is designated as one of his main Noble Phantasms as a result. However, his sight is not as strong as his older self's due to his (relative) lack of experience and power due to not being of age.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: (対魔力, Tai-Maryoku, localized as "Anti-Magic") A skill that grants protection against magical effects. Differently from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Child-Gil's rank in this skill is E, meaning that it is unable to nullify spells, only reduce the damage taken from them. However, this skill also offers some minor resistance against indirect magical attacks such as Petrification, Mind Manipulation, and Spatial Manipulation.

Personal Skills

Charisma (カリスマ, Karisuma): is the natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent, and an ability inherent to Servants of the Saver class. It is said that a rank of B in this skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King. In Gilgamesh's case it is no longer popularity, but rather a kind of curse in itself due to his A+ Rank proficiency, causing normal humans to prostrate themselves at his feet in his mere presence. It can also be used as a form of subtle Mind Manipulation, getting people to do what he wants without much resistance (such as getting Illya to forgive him for trying to murder her by calling her onee-chan).

Divinity (神性, Shinsei): The measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster, Demonic Beast raises. It can also decrease due one's dislike for the gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. Child-Gil's B-Rank reflects his personal dislike of the Gods due to the fall of his friend, Enkidu, despite normally having an A+ Rank in this skill, reflecting his superior talent and pedigree.

Golden Rule (黄金律, Ōgon-Ritsu) Throughout history and mythology, individuals destined to amass vast fortunes and treasure are identified as possessing Golden Rule. Among these figures, Gilgamesh stands alone at the zenith of opulence, for he has at his disposal enough riches to purchase whatever he may need in any era of summoning, as evidenced by his A-Rank in this skill.

Rosy-cheeked Adonis: (紅顔の美少年, Kōgan no bishōnen) The disposition as a pretty boy who charms people. A fascination magic-like effect that works on both men and women, but one can nullify its effects if they possess sufficient willpower. Child-Gil's C-Rank in this skill allows him to easily woo most women without trying. It can also be nullified by having sufficient Magic Resistance.

Note: Due to his relative lack of screen time in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Child-Gil's feats from Fate/Kaleid Prisma Illya were included as they were consistent with the original version of the character, Every weapon in the Gate of Babylon has some enchantment or effect, He is also unable to use Gae Bolg: Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death, Not to be confused with his older counterpart.


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