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When in the VS Battles wiki chat, kindly abide by the following rules, in addition to the site rules.

Please note that violation of said rules can lead to a ban from the chat, or even the site itself, with the duration of the ban depending upon the severity of the offense.

You can inform the administrators about such incidents in the current rule-violation report thread.

For advice regarding how to properly use the chat, it is useful to read the Chat Help page.

The Rules

  • No sexual content.
  • No death threats, or anything of the sort.
  • No trolling.
  • No severe derogatory comments (ethnic, homophobic, towards disabled, or mentally ill, etcetera).
  • No disgusting, offensive, or disturbing text, or linking to those sorts of images.
  • No very extreme jokes, such as ones relating to real life genocide.
  • Refrain from using large amounts of profanity.
  • Spamming the chat with large blocks of text in rapid succession will lead to a Chat Ban.
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish content in the chat will lead to a Chat Ban.
  • No mention of substance abuse is allowed.
  • Do not post links to explicit material, whatever it is.
  • Kindly post full-length links, not shortened ones (aka, ad-driven links). Posting shortened links will be interpreted as utilization of wiki traffic for personal gain, and result in a chat ban.
  • While it is okay to be disgruntled by communities with differing opinions, refrain from malicious mockery of their opinions in the Chat. The term "community" refers to any site that is involved in VS battles, such as ACF, OBD, ScrewAttack, DeathBattles, Comicvine, MovieCodec, etc. We do not wish to be at odds with others, simply for having differing opinions.
  • Do not link or promote any illegal activities in the Chat, including scams.
  • You are not allowed to mention or discuss any method or tools that can be used in any way to circumvent, exploit, or scam the Wiki. If you discover any means as such, please PM an Admin on the Chat. Do not post it publicly.


We are not affiliated with any Discord chat server, and strongly discourage using them, as they encourage extremely bad behaviour and harrassment, that runs contrary to the friendly and polite atmosphere that we are attempting to maintain within this community.

Other Rules

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