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Chaos (イプシロン, kaosu) is a 2nd-Generation (第二世代, dainisedai) Angeloid, Type Epsilon and the first major antagonist introduced, after the Master of Synapse.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 6-B | High 6-B, likely 6-A (Pandora + Melan Power Up)

Name: Chaos, Epsilon

Origin: Sora No Otoshimono

Gender: Female

Age: Less than a month old

Classification: Second Class Angeloid

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, reactions and durability, fire manipulation, true flight, illusion creation, invisibility, dream manipulation | Same as above plus she can use Ikaros, Nymph and Astraea´s powers.

Attack Potency: Unknown, likely Country level (Held her own against Astraea and Ikaros) | Large Country level, Likely Continent level (Stronger than Pandora Ikaros, Pandora Nymph and base Astraea, held her own against Pandora 2 Astraea)

Speed: Hypersonic+Massively Hypersonic with Massively FTL+ reactions (Faster than Pandora Ikaros)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Superhuman

Striking Strength: Unknown | Large Country Class (Stronger than Melan Ikaros)

Durability: Country level (Took a massive beating from Astraea and Ikaros) | Large Country level (Took several attacks from Pandora Ikaros without a problem, only Panora 2 Astraea could seriously damage her)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Her wings | Apollon bow, Chrysaor and Nymph´s radar

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: Chaos is mentally unstable, and can´t control her feelings.


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