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ChaosGallantmon is another form of Gallantmon, which has awoken to its instincts as a Virus-species. Its heart and thoughts are completely Dark Side, and it is nothing more than the "Digital Hazard" that brings calamity to the Digital World. It is clad in black, demonic armor refined from high purity Chrome Digizoid just like Dukemon, and its right hand can become the demonic lance "Balmung" while its left hand can become the demonic shield "Gorgon". It is definitely a being set in opposition to Dukemon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 2-C | At least 2-A, likely High 2-A

Name: ChaosGallantmon

Origin: Digimon

Gender: Genderless but regarded as Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Mega Level Virus Attribute Dark Knight Digimon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Darkness Manipulation, Summoning, Ice Manipulation, Immortality (Type 1), Lance and Shield mastery, Can corrode metal at whim, Statistics Amplification, Self-Information Manipulation and Reactive Evolution via Overwrite, Resistance to Fire Manipulation and Plant Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Fear Inducement, Holy Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Debuffing, Flight, Atomic Destruction, Resistance to Existence Erasure, Spatial Manipulation, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Dimensional BFR, Information Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Teleportation, Can create holes in dimensions, Regeneration (Low-Mid), Time Paradox Immunity.

Attack Potency: At least Universe level+ (According to official lore, it is the same being as Megidramon, a being who nearly destroyed both the Human and Digital World universes. As Chief Julia's partner Digimon, he is the strongest Digimon partner in Night Claw and Darkmoon CITY, Fought on par with Koh immediately before he went off to face ExoGrimmon) | At least Multiverse level+ , likely High Multiverse level+ (Equal to Megidramon as they are considered the same being. Should be comparable to Gallantmon as he is simply a Gallantmon who has awakened to his Virus Attribute instincts)

Speed: Infinite, possibly Immeasurable (Equal to Gallantmon) | Immeasurable (Equal to Megidramon)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: At least Universal+ | At least Multiversal+ , likely High Multiversal+

Durability: At least Universe level+ (Tanked hits from Koh's team) | At least Multiverse level+ , likely High Multiverse level+

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Likely several kilometers with ranged attacks, Multi-Universal with Digital Hazard | Multiversal+ with Digital Hazard

Standard Equipment: His Demonic Lance and Shield Balmung and Gorgon respectively

Intelligence: While more merciless than Gallantmon, ChaosGallantmon is still a Digimon with Royal Knight levels of skill and experience. Like Gallantmon, ChaosGallantmon should have 10,000+ years of experience fighting powerful foes.

Weaknesses: Holy Based powers.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Demonic Disaster Strikes with a powerful barrage of attacks from Balmung.

  • Judecca Prison: Fires a dark wave from Gorgon which corrodes everything.
  • Chaos Shot: Unleashes evil energy accumulated in his spear.
  • Cruel Balmung: Uses Balmung to inflict a strong blow.
  • Overwrite: All Digimon can rewrite their data, so that they are able to react to various situations that were once problematic for it. This usually causes a gigantic increase in power and sometimes new skills and resistances are gained. However, the more emotional the Digimon is, the more violent the overwrite becomes.
  • Atomic Blaster: Fires beams from its sheild that destroy the enemy at the atomic level.
  • Saint Knuckle: Strikes the foe with a fist powered by holy light energy.
  • Atomic Megalo Blaster: Fires a beam from its shield.

For ChaosGallantmon C

  • Dark Hazard: Unleashes darkness across a wide area, paralyzing the targets.
  • Call Leo: Summons a lion. It should be assumed that the Lion scales to ChaosGallantmon's current power-level.
  • Crazy Ice Blast: Attack enemies with lots of ice arrows.
  • Chaos Slash: Slash with the power of chaos, inflicting Confusion among those struck.
  • AT Change: Changes own strengths and weaknesses.

Keys: ChaosGallantmon (Official Databook) | Composite

Note: Summoning and Ice Manipulation is only applicable for ChaosGallantmon C


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