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Solar System

In fiction some of the more impressive feats are those involving constellations and celestial bodies in general. Those feats are often hard to quantify due to going beyond the physics. The following is the agreement on how it will be done.

Moving Celestial bodies

If celestial bodies are moved, typically the attack potency of the character doing so would be calculated through the use of Kinetic Energy.

More often than not this involves moving stars at faster than light speeds. Since Kinetic Energy of faster than light objects can not be quantified by the use of real life physics, those feats are ranked as following:

  • If one planet, Star or multiple planets and/or stars, that are reasonably nearby to each other, are moved, the equivalent Attack Potency is the sum of their GBE. Usually Stars can be considered to be like our sun and planets to be like earth, as long as no better guess is possible.
  • If a whole Solar System is moved at FTL speed, the feat will be ranked as Solar System level.
  • If multiple Solar Systems are moved at FTL speed or groups consisting of other celestial bodies that are several lightyears apart, the feat will be ranked as Multi-Solar System level.
  • If a whole Galaxy is moved at FTL speed, the feat will be ranked as Galaxy level.
  • If multiple Galaxies are moved at FTL speed, the feat will be ranked as Multi-Galaxy level.

The specific decision regarding ranking this like this was made through the reasoning of ranking them intuitively correct. Since that left the problem of things not adding up, for example due to the Milky Way having at most 400 billion stars, but the gap between Star and Galaxy level being much larger, it was decided to take the spacing of the celestial objects into account. Because of that building a constellation just by moving the visible stars, would for example be Multi-Solar System level, since the Stars are lightyears apart.

Creating celestial bodies from nothing

Since fiction in general tends to be very inconsistent when it comes to creating matter out of nothing, Einsteins formula (E = mc2) shouldn't be used. (More info can be found on this page.) Instead, the Gravitational Binding Energy of each planet or star should be used. If the size of the stars is unknown, then the GBE of the Sun can be used, if the size of a planet is unknown the GBE of the earth can be used.

Furthermore creating whole Solar Systems is ranked Solar system level, multiple Solar Systems or multiple celestial objects lightyears apart is Multi-Solar System level, Galaxies is Galaxy level and multiple Galaxies are Multi-Galaxy level.

Destroying celestial bodies

  • Via an explosion: If the constellation is destroyed via an explosion then the method to calculate the yield of the explosion is similar to this.
  • Via multiple sources of destruction: If one attack destroys many celestial bodies, by producing multiple projectiles or similar, the Attack potency is the sum of the attack potency of every single attack.
  • If not quantifiable through calculations: If the celestial bodies are destroyed through Reality Warping or other abilities that don't allow the destruction to be calculated, the Attack Potency will be determined in the same way as for creation.

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