This golem is not meant to be invincible. Rather, it must be designed so that it can die through any kind of means. The golem I'm creating possesses life. Therefore, it will die. My golem is not a craft to simple move clay dolls. My golem is the creation of life… in other words, a copy of the original human, Adam.
~ Caster describing his ultimate creation


Caster of "Black" ("黒"のキャスター, "Kuro" no Kyasutā) is the Caster-class Servant of Roche Frain Yggdmillennia of the Black Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. He also becomes the proxy Master of Berserker of Red after capturing him.

Caster's True Name is Avicebron (アヴィケブロン, Avikeburon), also known as Solomon ibn Gabirol (ソロモン・イブン・ガビーロール, Soromon ibun Gabīrōru), a twelfth-century poet and philosopher.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically, 7-B with Golems | At least 7-B, becomes higher as it grows larger

Name: Caster of Black, Avicebron, Solomon ibn Gabirol

Origin: Fate/Apocrypha

Gender: Male

Age: At least thirty-eight at the time of his death

Classification: Caster-class Servant, Heroic Spirit

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Telepathy, Can see through his golem's eyes with a menorah, Soul Manipulation (all Servants can absorb souls to replenish their magical energy), Expert Golem Maker, Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Immunity to conventional weapons | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invulnerable for as long as its feet touch the "Eden" it creates, Constantly terraforming the surrounding area into "Eden", an area where no harm can come to it

Attack Potency: Wall level physically (Like Shakespeare, he's virtually helpless in a fight on his own), City level with his golems (An individual golem can prove a problem for low-tier Servants and can delay the likes of Mordred) | At least City level (required Servants from both factions to defeat), higher the longer it lasts (its height will double from fifteen meters to thirty meters, and eventually a thousand meters in height with its width growing proportionally along with it)

Speed: Superhuman with High Hypersonic reactions (Cannot fight enemy Servants directly, but can track them on a monitor with little difficulty)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman himself, at least Class 25 with his golems (Five of them could completely restrain Spartacus along with Lancer's stakes) | At least Class 50 (Towers over the other Servants, could only be toppled by Astolfo's lance), becomes higher the longer it is allowed to exist

Striking Strength: Wall Class physically, City Class with his golems (Can challenge Servants in terms of physical power)

Durability: Building level physically (Stated that if Spartacus caught him, he would have been defeated in a single blow), his golems are at least City level (Mordred required Prana Burst-charged strikes to defeat one) | At least City level (Was only destroyed by a combined Balmung and Clarent Blood Arthur blast)

Stamina: Tireless for as long as he has prana

Range: Standard melee range physically, his golems can wander for kilometers in the direction of his choosing | Several meters due to Adam's sheer size, eventually planetary with its Reality Marble

Standard Equipment: His one thousand golems | None notable

Intelligence: Caster is an exceedingly skilled golem maker, having invented the Kabbalah magical system and generates golems of such quality that it would take an ordinary magus an entire year to produce one when he can produce thirty in a day. He is also able to create the massive golem "Adam" in an attempt to recreate the miracle of the first human being in the matter of months when it would take an experienced modern golem maker fifty years. In addition, he's single-mindedly driven towards his goal of creating Adam, and is more than willing to backstab his allies if it means achieving it.

Weaknesses: All of his abilities are single-mindedly focused into Golem making, so he is lackluster in combat and versatility when compared to other Casters. | Adam's invulnerability is negated should his feet leave the ground.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Golems of avicebron

Avicebron's Golems compared to normal humans

Golems: Caster has the ability to manufacture golems, doll servants, through his Kabbalistic techniques, Territory Creation, and Item Construction. Golems has the word meaning ‘embryo’ or ‘moulded being’. Therefore, golems were nothing other than an attempt to reproduce the secret mystery of how God created the human Adam. His workshop within the fortress is not one specialized in defense, but rather more like a factory specialized in golem construction. His skill in Item Construction is specialized towards golems, making it impossible to construct anything else. Devoting himself to their creation, he can produce thirty golems in a single day, and over a two month period he is able to manufacture over a thousand of them with Roche. He uses them to work around the workshop, organizing tools and cleaning as needed. He also uses his workshop to design his Noble Phantasm, Golem Keter Malkuth.

They are inhuman creations of stone and bronze compared to humanoid homunculi. Their quality is such that a modern magus would barely be able to build a single one of them in a year's time, and they possess fluid movements without a trace of the typical awkwardness displayed by other golems.

Those meant for battle are divided into three groups by size, and they are noted to be eagerly awaiting battle. Using his Numerology, multiple commands can be given to multiple golems instantly by combining shortened arias due to Notarikon. They are an incomparable war force able to easily match average magi in combat, though they will never be a match for a strong Servant. Though they lack in numbers, their sheer recklessness utilizing their large bodies and stone fists to destroy their enemies makes up for that. They are still valuable enough as stumbling blocks for Servants, and they have the potential to fight evenly with low-ranking Servants and defeat those unsuited to close combat like Caster or Assassin. Compared to one of Roche's golems that could not withstand a hit from a Servant, his can withstand up to three hits from Saber of Red in certain cases. Upon being destroyed, their remains shortly burst into flame and turn to ash.

He can give direct command to his golems, he can manipulate ten golems for each fingers. The golems can be converted to a fluid form that coil and shackle around enemies. Though he used this to imprison Berserker of Red, it is ineffective to the Nameless Vampire as he can changes form into mist or bats and it can only dull his movements. He can temporary stop Rider of Red's chariot by ordering his golems to split apart and each entwined themselves with the legs of the chariot's horses and then instantly hardened themselves.

Noble Phantasm

Adam the original human

Primordial Human, Adam

-Golem Keter Malkuth: Royal Crown, the Light of Wisdom:: The unfinished work of Solomon ibn Gabirol, a golem that he could not complete during his lifetime. Unlike regular Noble Phantasms that can be called "complete existences", it was recorded in history despite being incomplete. His wish in participating in the Holy Grail War is its completion, but simply constructing it is not enough. He wishes to reproduce God's miracle in the creation of life, bringing forth a copy of the Primordial Human, Adam, so simply creating a golem of unparalleled power will not allow it to become a perfect existence. He wishes for it to become a supreme golem that will act as a "great king who would lead us humans filled with hardship and suffering to the Garden of Eden once more."

Adam is an exceedingly large golem of fifteen meters in height, but that in itself is not extremely special. While Adam is much greater in quality due to Caster's skill, it is possible for an experienced golemancer like Roche to construct a similar sized golem within fifty years. Compared to the golem of similar or even larger size owned by a witch told of in legends, the age of that legend would mean that golem would be spiritually stronger. Although made with costly, pristine materials, they are nothing special despite that. Its greatest power is the "utterly abnormal" conceptual ability it possesses that puts it on a completely different level compared to either of Roche's or Caster's previous creations.

It is an autonomous Reality Marble that has the ability to repaint the world into Paradise Eden. Within this Reality Marble, it is impossible to damage Adam, making it effectively invincible for as long as its feet remain firmly on the ground. In addition, it grows rapidly over time, and if it had been allowed to exist longer it would have increased in height to thirty meters, then fifty meters, and beyond in one hour intervals, along with a proportional increase in durability and strength. Eventually, it would repaint the entire world and make it Eden, rendering it completely invincible for as long as the Reality Marble exists. Adam can even function long after Caster has died due to having its own magical core (which is made from a first-class magus). Ultimately, it is defeated due to Astolfo knocking it over with the special effect of his Noble Phantasm, clearing the first condition of making Adam's feet leave the ground before Sieg and Mordred annihilate it with a combined Balmung and Clarent Blood Arthur blast.

Class Skills

-Territory Creation: is the skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. Creation of a "Workshop" becomes possible.

-Item Construction: is the skill to manufacture magical items. Avicebron specializes solely in crafting Golems, so it's impossible for him to craft anything else.

Personal Skills

-Numerology: is the magecraft system, Kabbalah. Combining shortened arias due to Notarikon, multiple commands can be instantly given to multiple golems.

Key: Avicebron and his Regular Golems | Primordial Human, Adam


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