Allow me to show you the fist of the heavens! Haaaa! Wu Xing Shan: Shijia Rulai Zhang!
~ Xuanzang using her Noble Phantasm


Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā) is the Caster-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

Caster's True Name is Xuanzang Sanzang (玄奘三藏, Genjō Sanzō), a Buddhist priest from the Tang dynasty, in the 7th century BC. Traveling through the Silk Road in pursuit of the original Buddhist scriptures, she reached India from central Asia and then brought back to China over 367 sutras, becoming the founder of the Faxiang Buddhist sect

She is known as a key character of the Chinese novel "Journey to the West". It has been said that she originally existed in heavens as Jin Chanzi (金蝉子, Konzenshi), the disciple of Shakyamuni, but fell into secular life as a result of "a certain matter". In other words, Xuanzang is the reincarnation of Jin Chanzi.

Under the command of Guanyin, the monk of good looks who rode Bai Long (Yu Long) - the son of the West Sea Dragon King transformed into a white horse - had Qitian Dasheng Sun Wukong (Sun Xingzhe), Tianpeng Yuanshuai Zhu Bajie (Zhu Wuneng) and Juanlian Dajiang Sha Wujing (Sha Heshang) as her disciples and headed for India, without ever losing heart at the countless monsters that obstructed her way.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, At least 7-A with her Noble Phantasm, High 6-A, possibly higher with a suicide attack

Name: Caster, Xuanzang Sanzang, Genjou Sanzou

Origin: Fate/Grand Order

Gender: Female

Age: In her mid-twenties physically

Classification: Caster-class Servant, Heroic Spirit

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combtant, Weapon Mastery, Magic, Mind Manipulation (Can seduce most targets into coming after her through her sheer beauty), Holy Manipulation (Can exorcise spirits and demons with sutras), Intangibility (All Servants can enter Spirit Form, in which they're completely intangible and difficult to detect, but cannot attack in this form or use it in combat), Soul Manipulation (all Servants can absorb souls to replenish their magical energy), Can modify the surrounding area to suit her with prep

Attack Potency: At least City level (Should be comparable to other combat-ready Servants at this level), At least Mountain level with her Noble Phantasm (Is rated as a B to B+ Rank Anti-Army-Anti Fortress Noble Phantasm, which would make it at least as strong as Gáe Bolg), Multi-Continent level, possibly higher with a suicide attack (Smashed through the conceptual barriers that protected the gates of Camelot, which were powerful enough to withstand Ars Almadel Salomonis when manifested as part of Shielder's Lord Camelot, but the use of her Noble Phantasm to this extent killed her)

Speed: Masssively Hypersonic reactions and combat speed via power-scaling, higher travel speed when riding clouds

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Can effortlessly wield the Ruyi Jingu Bang, which was said to weigh around 7960 kg)

Striking Strength: At least City Class

Durability: At least City level via power-scaling (Has D-Rank Endurance, but is able to withstand blows from other Servants)

Stamina: Virtually tireless for as long as she has sufficient prana

Range: Human melee range normally, Extended melee range with her rake and monk's spade, Several kilometers with the Ruyi Jingu

Standard Equipment: Her students weapons, the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Nine-Toothed Rake, and the Monk's Spade

Intelligence: Despite being a Caster-class Servant, Xuanzhang has a preference for melee combat, fearlessly leaping into the fray with any of her student's weapons or with her bare fists, with her technique being refined enough to qualify as a Noble Phantasm in itself. In addition, she has an exceptional memory, being able to recite over three-hundred and sixty-five sutras by heart in order to use them in battle as spells suitable for her class. However, she herself acknowledges that she is rather air-headed and accident prone, which was part of the reason for having various body guards during her journey to the west.

Weaknesses: Xuanzhang is rather air-headed and accident prone, Her charms can attract unwanted attention from friend and foe alike, She can only ride clouds in straight lines and for short bursts

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Wu Xing Shan: Shijia Rulai Zhang

Noble Phantasms

-Wu Xing Shan: Shijia Rulai Zhang, also known as Five Elements Mountain - Shaka Nyorai Palm (五行山・釈迦如来掌ごぎょうさん・しゃかにょらいしょう , Gogyōsan - Shiyakanyorai Shō): is the Noble Phantasm of Xuanzang Sanzang. Borrowing a small portion of Shakyamuni's power, the venerable buddha and her mentor (of a previous existence) that resides in heavens.

It makes the "edge of the world" that Sun Wukong supposedly reached - that is, the palm of a giant Shakya - fall from the skies and chastises the antagonists who scorn Buddhism.

Class Skills

- Territory Creation (陣地作成, Jinchi Sakusei, alternately localized as "Area Creation"): A skill which quantifies one's ability to create a territory advantageous to them as a Magus. Xuanzhang's has A+ Rank proficiency in this skill, allowing her to create a powerful Temple that is superior to that of a magus from the Age of Gods.

Personal Skills

-Bewitching Rosy Cheeks (妖惹の紅顔, Yōmi No kōgan): Xuanzhang is considered incredibly beautiful by all, causing others to lust after her to the point of being a subtle form of Mind Manipulation.

-Divinity (神性, Shinsei): is the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a MonsterDemonic Beast raises. It can also decrease due one's dislike for the gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. Due to being an immortal in her previous life, Xuanzhang has a D-Rank in this skill.

-High Speed Sutra Chanting: (高速読経, Kōsoku-Dokkyō) is a skill that measures one's ability to chant sutras at high speeds. Due to being one of the greatest Buddhist monks in history, Xuanzhang is able to recite entire sutras at incredible speeds to enact her mysteries.


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