Doctor Roman

Life always ends eventually. Life is also a pilgrimage that accumulates suffering. But it is by no means a story of death and extinction. My long standing mistake from the past, O' beast born from my dead body, now it's time to judge your evil with my own hands.
~ Solomon to Goetia


Caster is the first Servant summoned by Chaldea and the victor of the original Fuyuki Holy Grail War in the timeline of Fate/Grand Order. His true name is Solomon, the King of Magic (魔術王, Majutsu Ō), the son of David, who established the modern system of magecraft, that which does not require support from the gods, through the foundation of the 72 Demon Gods. He was gifted with ten rings by God for pursuing wisdom above riches or power, and he built the Temple of Israel. While he only performed a single miracle, only one was needed to gain his people's respect. His death resulted in the rapid decline of the Age of Gods.

After being summoned by ‎Marisbury Animusphere, Solomon easily wins the Holy Grail, and wished to become human and free from the burdens of God's will, taking up the identity of Romani Archiman, Chaldea's doctor.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-A with magecraft and Demon Gods. At least High 6-A, possibly higher with Ars Almadel Salomonis, at least 5-B after gathering energy with Ars Almadel Salomonis | At least 5-A

Name: Caster, Solomon, Romani Archiman, King of Magic

Origin: Fate/Grand Order

Age: In his 40's

Gender: Male

Classification: Caster-class Servant, Head Doctor of Chaldea (as Romani Archiman)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magecraft, Forcefield Creation, Energy Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Necromancy, Mind Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Illusion Creation and Spatial Manipulation due to creating Goetia, the foundation of modern magecraft, Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish magical energy), Precognition and Clairvoyance (He sees through the past, present, and future all at once, and can receive visions from Heaven that lay out the ideal course of action in any situation), Power Nullification and Power Mimicry with Solomon’s Ten Rings (Can negate any magecraft used by humans and then use it for himself), Pocket Reality Manipulation with Ars Paulina (Can create a Reality Marble outside of space and time where death has no meaning), Summoning (Can summon himself from the Throne of Heroes, and can summon and control the 72 Demon God Pillars from the past, present, and even the future), Reality Warping (Phenex, one of the Demon Gods, was able to amplify Scheherazade's Noble Phantasm, allowing it to make fiction into reality and create the Agartha Singularity), Resurrection (Phenex can resurrect itself after being killed, allowing it to persist after Goetia's death and the destruction of most of the other Demon Gods), Time Manipulation (After collecting enough energy with Ars Almadel Salomonis, he can reverse time on a planetary scale to rebuild the Earth with new concepts, and he should be able to manipulate time regardless, as lesser magi can do so with magecraft descended from his own system), Time Travel (Can freely travel through time, sent his ring forwards in time, can destroy the Earth’s surface in the past, present, and future simultaneously), can give up all his abilities and skills to erase himself, his accomplishments, and the 72 Demon Gods from existence, Supernatural Luck, Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg), Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Immunity to conventional weapons, Resistance to Magic (All magi have basic resistance to magical effects, including effects such as Petrification, Spatial Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants have regenerative capabilities)

Attack Potency: At least Mountain level with magecraft (Implied to have easily defeated all his opponents in the First Holy Grail War, and, as the King of Magic, should be far superior to the likes of Medea and Semiramis) and Demon Gods (Singular Demon Gods can take on teams of Servants on their own, surpassing them in power, and can be manifested through strong Servants such as Cú Alter). At least Multi-Continent level, possibly higher with Ars Almadel Salomonis (Its power is equivalent to a million Excaliburs, and it can lay waste to the surface of the planet in the past, present, and future all at once, and it can be focused into a single point that can pierce the entire planet. The Noble Phantasm itself is the size of North America, and is visible from nearly everywhere on the planet). At least Planet level after gathering energy with Ars Almadel Salomonis (After converting the entire human race into energy with Ars Almadel Salomonis, an energy that surpasses that of the World's genesis, he would be able to reverse time on a planetary scale and recreate the planet with entirely new concepts) | At least Large Planet level (Equal to Goetia, and created him).

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can keep up with other Servants, such as Saber) | Massively FTL+ (Equal to Goetia, who is at least comparable to Tiamat, who can keep up with Gilgamesh and Enkidu at their best).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown (As a magus, he never fights in melee combat and has E-rank Strength)

Durability: Unknown (Survived an attack from a bloodlusted Goetia, but sacrificed himself soon afterwards), at least Mountain level with Demon Gods (Demon Gods can fight and take hits from groups of Servants), at least Island level with Magecraft (Should be comparable to Merlin) | At least Large Planet level (Equal to Goetia)

Stamina: High. Other Servants can fight for nearly an entire day without stopping.

Range: At least Kilometers with magecraft and Demon Gods, Planetary with Ars Almadel Salomonis (Though it can destroy the Earth's surface at all points in time)

Standard Equipment: Solomon's Ten Rings.

Intelligence: As the King of Magic, Solomon is without a doubt the most powerful magus to have ever existed, with all forms of magecraft performed by humans being mere toys for him to use at his whim. Due to his Clairvoyance, he is able to see through the past, present, and future simultaneously, while his Revelation skill will always guide him to the optimum course of action. Despite his legendary prowess, Solomon's anxiety causes him to fumble his incantations and he admires humanity to the point that he refuses to use Ars Almadel Salomonis against innocents. He nevertheless possesses the incredible wisdom he is known for in his legend, spearheading the events that lead to Goetia's downfall and later selflessly sacrificing himself to use his final Noble Phantasm, Ars Nova, to weaken the King of Demon Gods enough to give the heroes a chance at victory.

Weaknesses: Solomon's control over magecraft will weaken should even one of his rings be lost, and his anxiety causes him to fumble his incantations at times. He refuses to use Ars Almadel Salomonis against innocents to charge up energy.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

The Time of Birth has Come, He is the One who Masters All.
The Time of Crowning has Come, He is the One Who Begins All.
And ― The Time of Parting Has Come, He is the One Who Lets Go of The World.
Ars Nova.

~ Solomon reciting the poem made by his Noble Phantasms to use Ars Nova
  • Ars Almadel Salomonis itself
  • Solomon using Ars Nova

Ars Almadel Salomonis: The Time of Birth has Come, He is the One who Masters All: Solomon's third Noble Phantasm. It is the "|" of Original Sin, appearing at first as a massive ring of light the size of North America that encircles the planet. It fires hundreds of millions of lines of light, possessing power equal to a million Excaliburs, and travels through time to destroy the surface of the planet in the past, present, and future all at once, eradicating humanity at all points in time. Nothing on Earth surpasses the heat produced by this attack and no earthly material can withstand it for as long as it abides by the laws of physics. It can also fired as an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm with enough power to burn a hole through Earth the size of North America with the heat of the attack alone.

However, its true application is in the energy it gathers by incinerating humanity, which it mostly uses to fuel itself. While Solomon refuses to do this due to his kindness, Goetia utilizes it to gather energy across 3,000 years. This amount of energy would surpass the energy of the Earth's genesis, and it can be used to reverse time on a planetary scale to recreate the planet, with entirely new concepts. Such a feat is close to True Magic.

Ars Paulina: The Time of Crowning has Come, He is the One Who Begins All: Solomon's second Noble Phantasm, and his Reality Marble. It is a workshop that exists outside of the universe, outside of space and time, in the sea of imaginary numbers. It is powered by Solomon's own Magic Circuits, and death in this space does not count, allowing him to resurrect those who die within it.

Ars Nova: The Time of Parting has Come, He is the One Who Lets Go of the World: Solomon's first Noble Phantasm, formed from the legend in which he returned his rings to the Heavens of his own free will. It is a Noble Phantasm that he possesses and he alone, a poem in which he lets go of all his possessions, miracles, skills, and magecraft. Upon activation, Solomon returns all his gifts to God and loses his Clairvoyance, shortly before dying, destroying the 72 Demon Gods with him. After it is used, every trace of the King of Magic is erased, even from the Throne of Heroes. All ten of Solomon's rings are required for its use.

Class Skills

Item Construction: A skill which measures one's ability to manufacture magical items. As he specialized in contracts and not magical artifacts, Solomon's Item Construction is average, at C-rank.

Territory Creation: A skill which quantifies one's ability to create a territory advantageous to them as a magus. The builder of the Temple of Israel, Solomon is the highest authority when it comes to Territory Creation, possessing an A-rank in this skill. With his skill, Goetia was able to construct a temple outside of time itself.

Personal Skills

Clairvoyance: A skill reflecting exceptional eyesight that supplements the use of ranged weapons at long distances. Solomon's EX-rank Clairvoyance allows him to see through the past, present, and future all at once.

High-Speed Incantation: A skill that reflects one's capacity to recite incantations in a fraction of the time of normal Magi. Although Solomon's prodigious ability as a magus would normally rank this skill at A, his tendency to become anxious and make mistakes in his incarnations lowers this skill's rank to C.

Revelation: Being able to hear the voice of the Heavens, which guides the user to make the optimal choice in pursuit of any goals. Solomon only received a single Revelation in his life, resulting in the foundation of magecraft so that all could use it, not just those who stood on the level of legends.

Solomon's Rings: Ten rings given to Solomon by God. As long as he has all ten, Solomon can negate and control any magecraft performed by mankind.

Summoning: A magecraft that allows for the summoning of spiritual bodies from the past, present, and possibly even the future. While Solomon cannot summon Heroic Spirits or normal familiars, he can freely summon the 72 demons that acted as his familiars, as if projecting his inner demons onto the World. These seventy-two demons are the Demon God Pillars of the Ars Goetia, and each one is powerful enough to match entire teams of Servants.


Flauros, the first Demon God Pillar

The Demon Gods and their bases, as established and used by Goetia, are as follows.

  • Arsenal: Focalor, Furfur, Halphas, Malphas, Marchosias, Phenex, Raum, Stolas, Vepar
    • Phenex: One of the Demon Gods to survive Ars Nova and Goetia's death, which is accomplished through resurrecting itself after its death, similarly to the Phoenix. It is responsible for the Agartha singularity, having cooperated with Scheherazade and amplifying her Reality Marble to allow it to bring fiction into reality on a much greater scale.
  • Blast Furnace: Aim, Bathin, Botis, Ipos, Morax, Naberius, Purson, Saleos, Zepar
  • Control Tower: Barbatos, Beleth, Buer, Caim, Eligos, Gusion, Leraje, Paimon, Sitri
  • Disposal Chute: Amy, Andromalius, Belial, Dantalion, Decarabia, Gremory, Murmur, Ose, Seere
  • Health Office: Balam, Bifrons, Crocell, Furcas, Haagenti, Sabnock, Shax, Uvall, Vine
  • Intelligence Room: Amdusias, Andras, Andrealphus, Flauros, Kimaris, Orias, Valac, Vapula, Zagan
  • Observatory: Asmodeus, Astaroth, Berith, Bune, Foras, Forneus, Gaap, Glasya-Labolas, Ronove
  • Spy Satellite: Aamon, Agares, Allocer, Baal, Gamigin, Malephar, Marbas, Orobas, Vassago

Key: Servant | Living


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