Cú Chulainn Caster


Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā) is one of the Servants of the Grand Orders, first appearing in Singularity F, Fuyuki.

His true name is Cú Chulainn (クー・フーリン, Kū Fūrin), Ireland's legendary Child of Light, a great hero of the Ulster Cycle. A demigod, the son of the mortal woman Deichtine, the younger sister of King Conchobar mac Nessa, and Lugh, the god of the sun. He was born Sétanta (セタンタ, Setanta), taking on his best known name after slaying the guard dog of the master blacksmith Culann. Ashamed of his actions, he offered to become Culann's guard dog to make up for this loss, and was ever since known as "Culann's savage dog".

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, 7-A with Wicker Man, higher with Ochd Deug Odin

Name: Caster. Cú Chulainn, Sétanta, the Child of Light.

Origin: Fate/Grand Order

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Classification: Caster-class Servant

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Can sense others through their mana signatures), Rune Magic, Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers for defensive purposes, and to block off escape for his opponents), Elemental Manipulation (particularly fire, Healing, can temporarily boost his Noble Phantasms and parameters, Memory Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Duplication (Can create a body double out of wood), Plant Manipulation (Can create large thickets and create wooden duplicates of himself), Summoning (Can summon wolf familiars and giants made out of burning wicker), Power Nullification (Ochd Deug Odin nullifies status enhancements and continuously active passive abilities), can easily predict the paths of incoming projectiles, Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their magical energy), Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Immunity to conventional weapons, Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants possess regenerative capabilities)

Attack Potency: At least City level (Can contend with Archer in close combat and instantly defeat Lancer Medusa with a single fire pillar), Mountain level with Wicker Man (A complete manifestation managed to defeat Saber Alter in First Order, and it should be comparable to a thrown Gáe Bolg), higher with Ochd Deug Odin (An A-rank Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, and thus should be somewhat comparable, if still inferior, to Excalibur, and stronger than Wicker Man).

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (While slower than his Lancer counterpart, he was still able to keep up with Archer).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least City Class, Mountain Class with Wicker Man

Durability: At least City level, Mountain level with runic barriers (His Lancer counterpart can create barriers that can block great Noble Phantasm, and as a Caster, he is superior to him in this regard).

Stamina: High. His Lancer counterpart managed to last against Gilgamesh for nearly an entire day despite being outmatched.

Range: Extended melee range, Tens of Meters with runes, further with Ochd Deug Odin.

Standard Equipment: His staff.

Intelligence: Caster retains the laid-back demeanor of his Lancer counterpart, but fully showcases his mastery of Primordial Runes that the latter once boasted about in this class vessel. As evidenced by his A-Rank proficiency in Rune Magic, he is able to assail foes with powerful blasts of sweltering heat and flame to keep them on his toes while deftly deflecting oncoming attacks with his staff. His prowess is further emphasized in First Order, where he easily defeats Lancer Medusa with Shielder's assistance by leading her about before catching her off guard with a hidden Ansuz rune and finishing her with another burst of fire projectiles. He then goes on to defeat Archer in single combat, nullifying the latter's strongest Noble Phantasms with pre-prepared runes and evenly dueling him in close combat despite his class's abysmal performance in that area. He also shows a keen eye for strategy as well as a pragmatic mindset in these situations, attacking Archer after blinding him with one of Olga's stones and ambushing Saber Alter while she was in the midst of charging her Noble Phantasm.

Weaknesses: Caster must draw his runes in the air or on a suitable surface to cast his magecraft.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

  • Caster using Wicker Man in Fate/Grand Order
  • Caster using Wicker Man against Archer
  • Caster using Wicker Man against Saber Alter
  • Saber Alter within Wicker Man
Retribution, the shrine that cleanses the evil of human affairs, the one who destroys! Wicker Man!
~ Caster using Wicker Man

Wicker Man: Cage of Scorching, Consuming Flames: A Noble Phantasm that allows Caster to summon a massive, burning giant that seeks sacrifices. Embodying the legends of the Celtic Druids' rituals of human sacrifice, the giant's hollow nature symbolizes its innate nature to seek offerings for the gods. Instead of summoning one bigger giant, he can summon multiple smaller ones, as shown when he was teaching Mash how to activate her Noble Phantasm. In First Order, Caster demonstrates the ability to quickly manifest a portion of this giant to attack his foes, restraining and crushing Archer in its grip before slamming him into the floor in a burst of flame. He also displays the ability to use this Noble Phantasm defensively, rapidly growing numerous trees around himself to intercept Archer's arrows and creating a wooden duplicate of himself to avoid Archer's killing strike and retaliate by causing said duplicate to detonate.

Ochd Deug Odin: Great God Carved Seal: Caster's trump card, also known as Matrix Wodan, activated by simultaneously invoking all eighteen of the original runes taught to him by Scáthach, alongside the release of its True Name. In doing so, he summons the power of the great god of Northern Europe to rain heavy magical damage upon all of his foes. In addition, all surviving enemies will have their status enhancements and bonuses removed while special, continuously active techniques will be temporarily deactivated.

Class Skills

Territory Creation: A skill which quantifies one's ability to create a territory advantageous to them as a Magus. Caster can create a Workshop, and can even simulate Scáthach's Gate of Skye by drawing runes on the air and ground, though this is a secret technique. He utilized it to completely nullify Archer's Caladbolg II by blocking it with it.

Personal Skills

  • Caster's close combat prowess
  • Remotely triggering an Ansuz Rune
  • Caster's standard fire magecraft
  • Caster's false Gate of Skye
  • Caster using a body double

Disengage: The ability to break away from combat. Due to having C Rank proficiency in this skill, it also has the bonus ability of returning the conditions of a fight back to what they were when it started.

Divinity: The measure of one's Divine blood, reflected in high ranks by the user becoming part Divine Spirit, though it decreases if the user dislikes the gods. It allows Caster to reduce "purge defense" in proportion to the rank of his Divinity, allowing him to break through defensive abilities such as Achilles' Andreas Amarantos. Cú Chulainn is the son of Lugh, the God of Light, who possessed every skill, and thus has B-rank Divinity.

Protection from Arrows: A skill that provides increased defense against ranged attacks through the prediction of the projectiles' trajectories, whether through hearing the air being cut or sensing an enemy's killing intent. As long as the shooter is within Caster's line of sight, he can track down their projectiles and defend against them easily, but it offers no protection against extremely long range attacks or those with a great area-of-effect. Caster's A-rank in this Skill is superior to his B-rank as a Lancer, and he could already effortlessly deflect Archer's projectiles and True Assassin's dirks, even when they were thrown from multiple directions, in between Lancer's swings, and in his blind spots.

Rune Magic: A skill that measures one's knowledge of this type of Northern European Magecraft. Caster's mastery of all eighteen runes is fully displayed when he is summoned as a Caster, as evidenced by his A-rank in this skill. He primarily uses the rune Ansuz to blast his foes with powerful blasts of flame that he can cast rapidly by drawing them in the air. In addition, he is able to create forcefields, traps and bounded fields by drawing them on his surroundings in certain combinations for various effects, such as triggering a sizable explosion after stepping on a rune. Using Ath nGabla, he can create a field that neither opponent can leave to ensure honorable combat. He should be able to accomplish much greater results with his Rune Magic than modern magi, allowing him to do things such as burn an opponent's heart from the inside out, curse others, amplify his physical characteristics and strengthen his Noble Phantasms, and erase his foes' memories.


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