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Calc stacking refers to the practice of using results from one calculation in order to calculate other feats.

Usually calc stacking is believed to be flawed, so that calculations that use it should be disregarded almost always. Usually people try to use it for calculating characters speed, but also different uses are imaginable.

The reason it is usually disregarded is because it has shown itself inconsistent many times and usually gives inflated results. Through the method any long running franchises could also scale their stats infinitely upwards without actually ever showing any feats in the range they are listed.

Note that pixel scaling over several steps is usually accepted (even through less steps are viewed as better than more steps).

Examples on not legit calc stacking

  • Character A moved so fast that character B couldn't react to him. So character A needs to have crossed the distance until he could be seen by character B again in the time that character B requires to react. Since we know from a calculation how long character B needs to react we can calculate the speed of character A based on that.
  • Character A has a certain speed through a calculation. He can not dodge the projectiles from character B from 2 meter distance. But Character C can dodge them from 1 meter distance, so character C has to be twice as fast as character A.
  • Character A was calculated to be able to punch with an energy of 50 000 Joules. Assuming his fist weights about 0.5 kg, it needed to move at least with Mach 1.3 to get that much energy. So the attack speed of that character and the speed of everyone who can dodge his punches is supersonic.

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