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Cal-141 was a female SPARTAN-II Commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. Cal-141 was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in 2517 when she was just six years old. Cal was then taken to the planet Reach, and trained by the AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Mendez, along with the rest of the Spartan children. She is one of the main characters of The Babysitter, a story focused on a UNSC mission to assassinate a Covenant leader, and the feud between the SPARTAN-II Project and the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

At some point between 2542 and 2551 Cal-141 was given command of a small unit consisting of four Orbital Drop Shock Troopers for a mission of extreme importance. The mission was to assassinate a minor Prophet in command of all Covenant military operations in the system, and gather intel on ruins of unknown origin on the Covenant-held planet, Heian. The unit consisted of Dutch, O'Brien, Cortez and Checkman. The unit planned to infiltrate the planet by exoatmospheric insertion using SOEIVs, masked alongside a common meteor shower. However, Checkman was killed in the upper atmosphere during the insertion. Once on the ground, the plan was to hike to an elevated position overlooking a landing zone for the Prophet, and to eliminate the target from long range using a sniper rifle system, giving the squad enough time to escape.

During the operation, a Jiralhanae Chieftain wielding a Gravity Hammer unexpectedly engaged O'Brien. Cal caught the Chieftains hammer by the handle, stopping its swing, a feat of unprecedented strength even by SPARTAN-II standards. Cal then engaged the chieftain in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat knocking it out of the forest with a kick and into a shallow stream overlooking a steep waterfall. She closed the distance while simultaneously dodging multiple swings from the Chieftain. Cal managed to deliver a powerful punch to the Brute's bare stomach, causing it to vomit out half-digested material. She then proceeded to sidestep the next hammer-swing and elbowed the brute across the face shattering a piece of its helmet and crushing one of its eyes; followed by another kick to the face causing blood to spew out from its mouth. As the Chieftain was momentarily stunned from the damage, she gave one final kick sending the Chieftain tumbling over the waterfall to its probable demise. Meanwhile, O'Brien had been flung over the edge to hang for dear life over the waterfall as they fought, and was rescued by Cal just before he lost his grip, but not before losing his own sniper rifle to the roaring rapids.

Cal and her unit had made it to the sniping position, and were waiting for the minor Prophet to arrive at the designated landing zone. The Prophet's transport descended, and a contingent of Sangheili Honor Guardsmen stood on high alert. Cal-141 set down her sniper rifle, drawing and connecting a cable to feed optical data from the scope to her helmet. At this time, the heavily-wounded Jiralhanae Chieftain that Cal had defeated the day before had survived, and moved to ambush Cal-141 and the three ODSTs. Cal spotted the Chieftain, about to strike O'Brien with a lethal swing, and quickly moved before the others could react to get the ODST sniper out of harm's way. The Chieftain viciously struck her across the head and right shoulder with its Gravity Hammer, nearly shattering her helmet's visor and resulting in fatal injuries, an attack too powerful for her armor system to absorb.

Dutch used this opportunity to rush the Chieftain, toppling it over in surprise. He lifted his M7 submachine gun and repeatedly shot it in the face whilst crying out in anger. O'Brien quickly ran to remove Cal's helmet to inspect her injuries. They were stunned to find that Cal was female, as opposed to the squad believing she was a male, likely due to her bulky armor and remarkable strength. Cal, realizing that with her badly damaged arm, as well as her blurring vision due to her head injuries, she would no longer be able to take the shot, and ordered O'Brien to kill the Prophet. O'Brien is able to quickly take the rifle, and expertly shoot the Prophet through the head with a single shot, to the dismay of the roaring Sangheili Honor Guardsmen at the site.

After O'Brien assassinated the Prophet, the ODSTs tried to tend to Cal's wounds, but she knew that she was too gravely wounded to make it back to the Destroyer. In her dying words, Cal asked Cortez to make a delivery to Dr. Halsey. This delivery consisted of a data crystal chip from Cal's helmet, which contained intelligence of the planet the mission was carried out on, as well as ruins that were neither human nor Covenant in origin (possibly Forerunner or ancient space-faring human). Cortez tried to assure her that she would be able to give the chip to Halsey herself, but Cal replied that the two of them knew it was not going to happen as she felt her death already moments away. She held Cortez's hands a bit longer and eventually died before the three ODSTs.

Cal-141 was likely classified as MIA, as per ONI policy regarding the death of SPARTANs, maintaining the belief that SPARTANs were invincible, to improve morale among the UNSC and its rapid loss of ground to the Covenant Empire. It is possible that in the end, O'Brien, Dutch, and Cortez buried Cal rather than taking her to the extraction point, as her body is not seen in the same place where she died, and they did not possess heavy-lifting gear required to move her, as SPARTANs weigh approximately 500 kilograms (or 1000 lbs) in full MJOLNIR powered assault armor. It is also possible that they could have informed their superiors to her fate, and she could have been recovered later, but as the planet was Covenant-controlled this scenario is unlikely. It is unknown if the Mark IV worn by Cal-141 contained a fail-safe detonation feature as seen in the Mark V; if so, it is possible that the ODSTs could have been instructed to do so to deny the Covenant access to her armor by destroying it.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B without weapons or armor; 9-A with MJOLNIR physical blows; 9-C to 9-B with most weapons; 9-A to 8-C with various heavy weapons

Name: SPARTAN-II Cal-141

Origin: Halo

Gender: Female

Age: Between 31–40 before death (physical aging was slowed during cryo sleep)

Height: 214cm (7'0") in MJOLNIR armor

Mass: Likely 110–125 kg (220–275 lbs), 420–445 kg in MJOLNIR armor

Classification: SPARTAN-II Commando (extensively-trained biochemically, genetically and cybernetically-augmented super-soldier)

Powers and Abilities: Biochemical, surgical, genetic, and cybernetic physical and mental augmentations and training granting superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, precision motor control, coordination, intelligence, memory, creativity, adaptability, focus, fortitude, pain tolerance, reaction time and reflexes, enhanced senses (such as increased visual clarity and night vision), more efficient metabolism and healing factor (naturally Low, probably Mid-Low with BioFoam/MediGel), immune, detoxification and endocrine systems; extremely skilled and experienced combatant, master of armed and unarmed CQC, can quickly master the use of virtually all manner of weaponry, excellent military tactician. MJOLNIR Mark IV armor further enhances superhuman physical characteristics.

Attack Potency: Wall level without weapons or armor Small Building level with MJOLNIR physical blows, (comparable to other SPARTAN-II); Street level to Wall level with most weapons; Small Building level to Building level with various heavy weapons and demolition explosives

Speed: Superhuman travel speed (100+ km/h; comparable to other SPARTAN-II), Supersonic combat speed and reactions (can react to bullets and plasma projectiles, comparable to other SPARTAN-II); performance is further enhanced by linking with an AI.

Lifting Strength: Class 1 without MJOLNIR armor (can deadlift 500 kg, comparable to other SPARTAN-II); Class 10 with MJOLNIR armor (can deadlift at least 5 tonnes, pulled a 500+ kilogram loaded SOEIV out of a swamp and threw it at least 10 meters to solid ground with one arm, stopped a downward swing from a 2.7 meter tall Brute with one arm, performed a 4+ meter Berani flip over the same Brute's head, is somewhat stronger than the average Elite and somewhat weaker than the average Brute, comparable to other SPARTAN-II)

Striking Strength: Wall Class without MJOLNIR armor (comparable to other SPARTAN-II); Small Building Class with MJOLNIR armor (dropkick-tackled a large 700+ kilogram Brute off a 15+ meter tall cliff at high speed, elbowed the same Brute in the side of the face hard enough to shatter a nearly brick-sized piece of his helmet armor while rupturing one of his eyes and leaving a noticeable depression in his face, kicked the same Brute hard enough to send him tumbling at least 5 meters back head over heels, comparable to other SPARTAN-II)

Durability: Wall level without MJOLNIR armor system (comparable to other SPARTAN-II); Small Building level with MJOLNIR Mark IV armor (barely remained conscious after a fatal direct blow to the head from a Gravity Hammer, comparable to other SPARTAN-II).

Stamina: Superhuman (can continue fighting long after any normal athletic human would collapse from exhaustion; can endure pain intense enough to immediately stop a normal human in their tracks rendering them incapacitated from shock, such as losing a limb or being impaled.)

Range: Extended melee range; hundreds of meters with most ranged weapons, at least two kilometers with sniper rifles.

Intelligence: Gifted (Cal-141 is an excellent military tactician with far above average intelligence as a result of her extensive SPARTAN training and decades of experience. She is a master of CQC given her fight with the Brute, and reportedly a highly skilled sniper, although she never had the chance to demonstrate that skill).

Standard Equipment: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV, MA5 series assault rifle, SRS99-AM sniper rifle; can be assumed capable of operating virtually any weapon with deadly skill.

  • Additional Equipment: Various Human and Covenant weapons and equipment (OP must specify if these are available)

Weaknesses: Cal-141's MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV does not possess energy shields; if she gets hit with enough force, her armor might lock automatically

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Unknown

Note: OP must specify if they wish for Cal-141 to be equipped with more advanced models of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor used in the games, otherwise it will be assumed that she is equipped with her standard MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV.


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