A gigantic magic statue made of bronze and bent on mayhem.
~ Description


The Bronze Colossus is a megabeast resembling a gigantic human made out of bronze.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C

Name: Bronze Colossus (individual names vary)

Origin: Dwarf Fortress

Gender: None

Age: Varies

Classification: Magical statue

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Peak Human speed, does not need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep, does not feel fear or pain

Attack Potency: At least Building level (Calculated to be about 11.53 meters tall)

Speed: Peak Human (Have a canon speed of 40 kph, or 11.1 m/s)

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Normal dwarves are capable of carrying boulders of slade, which weigh 20 metric tons)

Striking Strength: At least Building Class

Durability: At least Building level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Several meters.

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Minimal - animalistic.

Weaknesses: None notable.


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