Boone Wiseman Render By Skodwarde

The Part-Time Wiseman....of fun.


Boone Wiseman is Penn Zero's friend, a student at Middleburg Central High, and is the teams part-time wise man.

Boone is easygoing, optimistic, and imaginative. he loves to have fun and come up with unusual, crazy ideas. He doesn't often think his actions through or act responsibly, leading to him making some situations worse. He enjoys doing his own thing, though it often affects his focus on the mission and how helpful he is. He can be rude, inconsiderate, and stubborn, but he usually means well and comes through for others when they need him.

Despite being full of creativity and passion, Boone isn't always confident in his skills and what people will think about them, admitting that he knows he isn't a very good wise man. Although usually relying on Penn and Sashi to figure things out, Boone occasionally has clever and useful ideas that help him and/or his friends in a situation.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | 8-C | High 6-A

Name: Boone Wiseman

Origin: Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 14 or 15

Classification: Human, High school student, Part-time Wiseman

Powers and Abilities: Genie powers (Arabian World), Kale powers (Cereal World: gains strength and energy after eating Kale), Magic (Knight and Fairytale World), Flight (Fairytale and Dragon World), Minor Toon Force (Clown World), Telepathy and Levitation (Superhero form)

Attack Potency: Human level | Building level | Multi-Continent level (Shot down the moon)

Speed: Normal Human | Normal Human | At least Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Human levelClass T | Unknown

Striking Strength: Human ClassBuilding Class | At least Building Class

Durability: Human levelBuilding level | Multi-Continent level 

Stamina: Average

Range: Dozens of meters with magic (Wizard and Fairy Godmother form); much higher in Mech form with laser cannons

Standard Equipment: None notable | A magic staff/wand (see above) | A pair of twin laser cannons (see above)

Intelligence: Is wise, creative, and imaginative; Capable of making ideas that, while unorthodox and crazy, have helped him and his friends defeat their enemies

Weaknesses: Is not willing to engage in close combat, requiring Sashi and Penn to do most of the up-close fighting instead (Sometimes he will engage in combat when it's absolutely necessary, however), Water (though he has gotten over it since "Chicken or Fish?"), Public-speaking

Key: Human/Other Forms | Kaiju Form | Massive Mech Form


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