A single-pump action grenade launcher used by the Locust Horde, specifically the Boomer. This weapon may have been based on the UIR's Booshka Grenade Launcher as the weapon it was based on was possibly been captured and used against the COG and UIR during the early parts of the Locust War. It is a deadly weapon to be use in a expert hand

Power and Abilities

Tier: 9-B, possibly higher

Name: Boomshot Grenade Launcher

Origin: Gears of War

Age: Over 17 years

Classification: Grenade Launcher

Wielders: Mostly Locust boomers, but COG gears and drones can use it

Power and Abilities: Explosion Manipulation, acts like a melee weapon

Attack Potency: Wall level, possibly higher (Can one shot a Gear soldier in full armor and two Boomers were shown to blow a wall in a cutscene)

Speed: Below Average Human level (fire at 180/M)

Durability: Likely Wall level, possibly higher

Range: It is used for mid-long range, but it can be used for close range due to its punching power

Weaknesses: Splash damage can cause harm to allies and enemies. The iron sight are useless as they aren't accurate and the weapon can jam.

Feats: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • can fire three to five bomblets that are comparable to a cluster bomb

Note: This weapon has appeared in multiplayer which it involve mostly game mechanics