They dress in painted sequins. They drink wine. They laugh, and smile, and play, and dance, and eat, and quietly kill. All part of Harmony's plan. All actors on a stage. That's what you are too, Waxillium Ladrian. It's what all men are.
~ Bleeder


This profile contains spoilers for the book, Shadows of Self.  Proceed with caution.

Bleeder, originally named Paalm as a member of the Kandra, is a shape-shifting terrorist who had defected from being an agent of Harmony and vowed to end his control over the world of mortals. She is one of the oldest and most experienced Kandra, second only to TenSoon, having served as the Lord Ruler's personal agent in terms of slaughtering rebellions and enemies through her ability to change faces and bodies through consuming bones.

After Harmony's ascension, she flipped to fanatically following him, looking for more tasks to accomplish under a new master. However, she eventually removed one of her Hemalurgic spikes, freeing her from the influence of God while consequently making her insane. She would later ally with the terrorist group, the Set, in terms of bringing down the governing body of the city of Elendel.

In reality, Paalm was sent to Waxillium Ladrian as an agent of Harmony, with her duty to protect him so that he could serve the God in his later years of life. She did this under the guise of Lessie, who fell in love with and married Wax, and also feigned death at his hands when taken hostage by Bloody Tan. After she had removed herself from harmony's influence, she also vowed to free Wax from Him as well by putting him through the events of the second novel.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B, likely higher

Name: 'Bleeder', Paalm, Lessie, Replar Innate, and many others

Origin: Mistborn

Gender: Referred to as Female, although Kandra can physically and mentally change their gender as they wish

Age: About 1100 years

Classification: Kandra, Former Servant of Harmony and The Lord Ruler

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Shapeshifting and Body Control (A Kandra's entire body is a mass of flesh they can manipulate at will, as well as shape into different animals such as humans if they have access to bones), Expert Infiltrator and Impersonator, Trained in numerous weapons over centuries, Regeneration (High-Mid, can survive large portions of her body falling apart/off and reconstituting herself), Aluminium woven headgear allows her to resist Soothing and RiotingAbsorption of bones (She can integrate them into her body to impersonate whoever they belonged to), limited Soul Manipulation with hemalurgy (Can re-write a person's 'spiritweb' and change their minds and bodies. Taught by The Lord Ruler himself, and can create constructs immune from Harmony's influence), Power Mimicry with hemalurgy (Can steal another's power by impaling them and her with a metal spike, although she can only take one person's set of powers at a time) which has granted her the ability to increase her speed (Requires "storing" of these attribute first) and Metal Manipulation (Can Push any metal away her), although she could theoretically have any Allomantic or Feurochemic power

Attack Potency: At least Wall level (Experienced Kandra such as TenSoon can replicate full Koloss bodies, and she is easily stronger than Wax), likely higher

Speed: Transonic to Supersonic normally (Scales off of Wax), Supersonic+ with Steel Feurochemy and enough stored speed (Shot four different targets from different positions within the blink of an eye and dodged nearly an entire barrage of bullets shot from within a speed bubble. Moves 'faster than a thunderclap', and moved too fast for Wax or Wayne to barely recognize. However, Word of God has stated Steel Feurochemists are limited by air friction)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Wall class

Durability: At least Wall level (Unaffected by most firearms; Experienced Kandra such as TenSoon can replicate full Koloss bodies. Superior to Wax), likely higher

Stamina: Extremely high (Never was visibly tired during the events of the novel.

Range: Dozens of meters with firearms and Allomancy

Standard Equipment: Regular and aluminum firearms, Aluminum equipment such as hats, Sets of bones to shape herself around, Various disguises

Intelligence: Extremely High (Although it is hindered by her insanity. Planned for the entire set of events that took place until the end of the second novel, and has centuries of experience in all forms of weaponry and stealth, as well as Allomancy and Feurochemy)

Weaknesses: Insane, If another hemalurgic spike would be implanted in her, she would be subject to Harmony's control, Special toxins that cause her to lose cohesiveness temporarily

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Allomancy: An Allomancer can use ("burn") ingested metals to gain special powers. The amount of resultant power depends on allomantic power and purity of metal used. List of Allomantic powers
  • Feruchemy: A Feruchemist can use metals to store particular attributes in metal, somewhat like a battery - metalmind. The larger the piece of metal is, the more of that particular attribute can be stored. A Feruchemist can draw upon their metals in increased qualities, but the faster they do this, the lesser returns they receive. Only the Feruchemist who stored those attributes can draw upon them later, however. List of Feruchemic powers
  • Hemalurgy: An ability to transfer allomantic or feruchemical power from one person to another by death of former. Allows to create Hemalurgic Constructs such as Steel Inquisitors, Koloss or Kandra. It can be used to increase the effects of already obtained allomantic or feruchemical power. However, Bleeder can only use one Allomantic/Feurochemical abilitiy at a time. List of Hemalurgic powers
  • Kandra Physiology: Bleeder is a Kandra, an immortal hemalurgic construct which takes the form of a mass of flesh that can attach to bones and replicate the animal/human they originally belonged to. While this process typically takes days, experienced Kandra such as her and TenSoon can do it under a minute. Kandra is also biologically immortal, and can regenerate from gunshot wounds to the head, as well as being blasted apart. It was previously thought that Kandra were impossible to properly kill, however several discovered a method to commit suicide, and removing their hemalurgic spikes will return them to their original Mistwraith forms.


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