Black🌟Rock Shooter By Skodwarde


Black★Rock Shooter is a character originally created by huke for a VOCALOID song of the same name. The character went on to be featured in a variety of different media, such as manga, video games, anime etc.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 4-C, possibly 4-A or higher

Name: Black★Rock Shooter, Stella, Rock

Origin: Black★Rock Shooter

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Otherself, Clone, Black Star

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Summoning her Weapons, Skilled swordsman and marksman, Energy Projection, Flight, Regeneration (Low-Mid, Low-Godly over time), Can sing, Summon portals to other worlds, Immortality (Type 8, dependent on her real world self), Chain Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Star level (Almost killed BGS with a stray shot), possibly Multi-Solar System level or higher (Fought Ram, who was destroying the Threshold)

Speed: Supersonic+, Sub-Relativistic reactions and combat speed (On par with White Rock Shooter, who reacted and attempted to counter Stella's moon piercing attacks, which traversed through the moon, as it was centimeters from hitting her face)

Lifting Strength: Class 50

Striking Strength: Large Star Class, possibly Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Large Star level, possibly Multi-Solar System level or higher

Stamina: Extremely high

Range: About a dozen meters; hundreds of thousands of meters with some attacks

Standard Equipment: ★rock Cannon, Black Blade, Insane Rock Canon, Ron, Booster Unit, various others weapon

Intelligence: Skilled warrior, otherwise Average

Weaknesses: None notable


  • Shot through the moon


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