Benimaru Nikaido is a recurring member of Team Japan. He is a young son of a multi-millionaire family, being a professional fighter, a flirt with women, accomplished cook, and part-time professional modeler. He met Kyo Kusanagi in the King of Fighter tournament and lost to him in the finals. After that, he became one of Kyo's best friends and formed a team with him and Goro Daimon. His title is The Shooting Star.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-B

Name: Benimaru Nikaido

Origin: King of Fighters

Gender: Male

Classification: Human Martial Artist, Model

Age: 21

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Electricity Manipulation, Martial Arts, etc.

Attack Potency: Small City level (Via powerscaling. Fought and nearly killed a weakened Kyo Kusanagi in King of Fighters 2000)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can keep up with Kyo. Fastest member of Team Japan)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Can throw people as large and heavy as Chang, who also carries a large iron ball)

Striking Strength: Small City Class (Can trade blows with Kyo)

Durability: Small City level (Capable of tanking attacks from a weakened Kyo)

Stamina: High, can fight even while heavily injured.

Range: Standard melee range, tens of meters with his electricity.

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Very skilled combatant and incredible cook, average otherwise.

Weaknesses: Benimaru tends to be distracted by attractive female characters.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Electrokinesis: Benimaru can control electricity and utilized them for unique attacks:

  • Raijinken: Benimaru creates a ball of electricity around his fist.
  • Benimaru Lancer: Benimaru summons lightning from the sky to charge himself, electrocuting anyone nearby.
  • Benimaru Collider: Benimaru grabs the opponent and electrocutes them by surging electricity throughout his/her body, making the opponent paralyze momentarily.
  • Super Inazuma Kick: Benimaru performs an electrifying somersault kick.
  • Raimeitou: Uses his electrified hands like a blade to slash opponents. He can also use this move to launch arcs of electric energy at his opponent.
  • Raikouken: Creates a larger and more powerful ball of electricity around his fist.
  • Rolling Thunder: Benimaru creates an electric sphere around himself, shocking anyone within the radius.
  • Gene'i Hurricane: Benimaru will send electrical clones of himself charging toward his opponent and attacking them. He then delivers the final blow with a kick.
  • Shinkuu Katogetoma: While standing on one hand, Benimaru will perform an electrifying spinning breakdance kick.
  • Raiouken: Benimaru summons a harsh lightning down from the sky and sends it straight towards the opponent.


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