Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B | 4-C, possibly High 4-C | At least High 4-C, likely higher

Name: Bellcross, "Age" (Age is the host for Bellcross' body)

Origin: Heroic Age

Gender: Male

Age: Age is 120, Bellcross' age is unknown

Classification: Human/Nodos Hybrid, Monster/Demon, Nodos of Existence/Embodiment of Existence

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, flight and levitation, can survive in space, life-force and energy absorption, immortality (Types 1, possibly 2; being the Nodos of Existence makes him difficult to kill), ability to go into "Mental Chaos/Frenzy" where his power is increased and it is essentially a berserker state, able to fight for weeks on end without tiring, is the "Nodos of Existence" which makes him, for all intents and purposes, nearly indestructible since he personifies the concept of existence, enhanced senses, radio transmission and sensors jamming, energy blasts, resistant against psychic powers, extreme poison resistance, can punch apart the fabric of time and space, telepathy, retrocognition, in Mental Chaos/Frenzy Mode, he no longer needs to absorb energy to release energy blasts and can release energy blasts at will.

Attack Potency: Planet level (Blew up a planet in the intro of the first episode) | Star level, possibly Large Star level (Iron Tribe computers calculated that if he continued to remain in Frenzy, he would ultimately release energy on the scale of a supernova explosion) | At least Large Star level, likely higher

Speed: Relativistic+ | At least Relativistic+ | At least Relativistic+, likely higher

Lifting Strength: Class E+ (Can casually move large asteroids with his brute strength) | At least Class E+ | At least Class E+, likely higher

Striking Strength: Planet Class (Can vibrate entire planets with his punches) | Star Class, possibly Large Star Class | At least Large Star Class, likely higher

Durability: At least Planet level | Star level, possibly Large Star level | At least Large Star level, likely higher

Stamina: Nearly limitless (Bellcross engaged in combat with Lernaea for over 200 hours without rest) | Possibly Limitless | Limitless

Range: Planetary | Stellar | Stellar

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Age is able to paint an accurate and detailed picture of his home planet with just his hands, knows information about the Golden Tribe.

Weaknesses: If he goes into a frenzy, he loses control and destroys everything in his path.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Life Drain and Energy Drain: Bellcross sucks out the life force of enemies in a very large radius, or drain the energy of planets or energy blasts fired at him to release an energy blast at the enemy, causing the target to disintegrate.
  • Mouth Blast: Fires a powerful blast of energy from his mouth (powered by the energy he gains from Life/Energy Drain).
  • Aura Dash: Creates an aura around himself then charges at the enemy.
  • Energy Ring: Bellcross throws a ring of concentrated energy from his hand to attack multiple enemies.
  • Frenzy/Mental Chaos: A berserker state entered when In a very difficult battle such as fighting multiple Nodos. Bellcross becomes tinted red in various areas, and his strength, speed, durability and stamina are greatly increased, and he is driven into a battle rage. In this state, he is unable to tell the difference between friend and foe.

Key: Average Condition | Frenzy/Mental Chaos | With The Golden Tribe's Power


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