Bartz Klauser
Me and my chocobo just go wherever the trail leads us...
~ Bartz Klauser


Bartz Klauser is one of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy V. A blithe spirit who goes wherever the wind takes him, his aimless wandering comes to an end when he follows a meteorite and rescues Lenna Charlotte Tycoon from a band of goblins. Soon afterward, the pair find an amnesiac old man named Galuf in the meteorite's wreckage. Although he initially wished to resume his wandering, Bartz and his chocobo Boko end up joining Lenna and Galuf on a journey that would eventually decide the fate of the world.

Powers and Stats:

Tier: At least 5-A, possibly 3-C

Name: Bartz Klauser

Origin: Final Fantasy V

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Classification: Human, Wanderer, Warrior of Light: Wind

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery, Magic, Afterimage Creation, Elemental Manipulation (Of the Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Light, Water and Earth variety, strong affinity for the wind element), Statistics Amplification, Precognition (via Oracle abilities), Regeneration (At least Mid-Low, likely higher), Holy Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Energy Blasts, Barrier Creation, Levitation, Transmutation (In the form of transforming others into toads), Berserk Mode (via Moon Flute), Resurrection, Petrification, Information Analysis (via Libra), Poison Manipulation, Time Manipulation (In the variety of speeding himself up, slowing/stopping targets, rewinding time and temporarily aging targets), Teleportation, Spatial Manipulation and BFR (via Banish), Summoning, Power Mimicry (via Blue Mage, and Mime), Homing Attack (via Luminous Shard), Healing, Paralysis Inducement, Sleep Inducement, Gravity Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Can mind control monsters to his will), Empathic Manipulation (via Flirt), Necromancy, Absorption, Durability Negation, Self-Destruction, One Hit Kill, Death Manipulation, Statistics Reduction (Can debuff his foes), Size Manipulation (via Mini), Instinctive Reaction (via Shihradori), limited Attack Reflection (via Reflect), and Power Nullification (via Silence)

Attack Potency: At least Large Planet level, possibly Galaxy level (Has been instrumental in the defeat of beings like the various Demons of the Rift, Bahamut, Omega, Shinryu, Enuo and Tree Form Exdeath)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Fought and defeated Bahamut and kept pace with Exdeath)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+

Striking Strength: At least Large Planet Class, possibly Galactic Class

Durability: At least Large Planet level, possibly Galaxy level (Endured torture from the full power of one of the crystals, has tanked a Tsunami from Shinryu, and survived Giga Flares and Meteors cast by Neo Shinryu)

Stamina: Superhuman+

Range: Extended melee range with weapons, much higher with magic and summons

Standard Equipment: Varies, should at least be in possession of the Sealed Weapons

Intelligence: The son of Dorgann, one of the Warriors of Dawn who saved the world in ages past, Bartz quickly proved himself to be naturally talented in combat, mastering the myriad techniques of the various jobs provided by the crystals, being able to switch between them at will and learning how to synergize them to devastating effects and mastering any number of weapons. He has become particularly associated with the Mime job, being a master of combining the attacks he sees with those he already knows to use his foes' strengths against them. Having been on his own for much of his life, Bartz is a voice of reason among the party due to his grounded perspective, often taking charge as a leader who has navigated his friends out of many tight situations.

Weaknesses: Most of Bartz's magic requires him to be able to say the spell he is using out loud. Thus being forcibly silenced will prevent him from using magic.

Note: This profile is based on Bartz as a Freelancer with all his powers unlocked.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Job Skills


  • Hide: Bartz hides to avoid detection and effectively remove himself from the fight, dodging most attacks in the process.
  • Sing: Bartz knows a number of songs that he can use to his advantage against his foes.
    • Alluring Air: Bartz plays an alluring song that turns all of his foes against each other.
    • Hero's Rime: Bartz plays a rhyming song that elevates his natural stats to their absolute maximum for the duration of a battle.
    • Mana's Paean: Bartz sings a triumphant song that boosts his magical power and that of his allies.
    • Mighty March: Bartz plays a marching tune that increases his regeneration rate and that of his allies.
    • Requiem: Bartz plays a mourning song that exorcises the undead.
    • Romeo's Ballad: Bartz sings a love ballad that freezes his opponents in time.
    • Sinewy Etude: Bartz sings a tune that increases his physical strength as well as that of his allies.
    • Swift Song: Bartz sings a song that increases the speed of all of his allies.


  • Calm: Bartz subdues a beast by freezing time around it, rendering it docile upon release.
  • Capture: Bartz can capture subdued beasts to summon into battle at his command.
  • Control: Bartz can take control of any beast at will and direct its commands.


  • Dance: Bartz is able to perform any number of dances to suit the situation, including:
    • Jitterbug Duet: Bartz drains life energy from his opponent with a jittery dance.
    • Mystery Waltz: Bartz drains mana from his opponent with a mysterious waltz.
    • Sword Dance: A mixture of dance and swordplay that deals four times Bartz's normal attack power to his foe.
    • Tempting Tango: A tango that confuses the opponent, causing them to either attack themselves or their allies randomly.
  • Flirt: Bartz flirts with his opponent, making them forget the reason they were fighting him before falling head over heels for him.


  • Jump: Bartz leaps to incredible heights to dodge oncoming attacks before coming back down on his foes with a resounding crash. The power of this attack is doubled if he is wielding a spear.
  • Lancet: Bartz can drain mana and life energy from his opponent with his attacks to restore his own.


  • Cover: Bartz is able to automatically take attacks for his allies if they are on the verge of death.
  • Guard: Bartz prepares a defensive stance that completely absorbs oncoming physical damage.
  • Two-Handed: By wielding a weapon with two hands, Bartz can double the damage of his blows.


  • Find Pits: Bartz has instinctive knowledge of pitfalls and other traps in the area around him.
  • Gaia: Bartz calls on the power of nature to attack his foes with a different attack depending on his surroundings.
  • Light Step: Bartz will not be affected by otherwise hazardous surfaces and floors, such as lava pits and toxic ooze.


  • Mimic: If an opponent uses any technique, Bartz will be able to copy it perfectly even if it was the first time he has ever seen this attack. In addition, he does not require any of the magical energy or ammunition associated with any move he copies and will even copy the mediums the technique was used with. As such, he'll be able to copy any weapon his foes use. Below is a list of moves he has copied from the other Warriors of Light during the Cycles of Dissidia.
    • Ascendant Lance: Bartz throws the Warrior of Light's shield at a target to stun them before quickly creating Firion's spear to slash at them.
    • Blade Crash: Bartz copies Lightning's Blazefire Saber to strike his foe twice before drawing one of Vaan's katanas to slash his foe multiple times and knock them away.
    • Climbarrel: Bartz charges forward with Cloud's Buster Sword in hand before exchanging it for Squall's Revolver, blasting away his foes with three quick, explosive stabs.
    • Dark Flame: Bartz stabs the ground with Cecil's Dark Sword, causing the ground between his opponent to erupt in a row of black and violet flames that will rise into the air to chase foes.
    • Flood: Copied from Terra Branford's version of the Flood spell, Bartz creates three geysers that erupt in rapid succession at his opponent's feet.
    • Hazard Raid: Bartz impales his foe with the Buster Sword before utilizing Tifa's barnd of hand-to-hand combat to send his foe flying.
    • Hellfire: Bartz summons Spira's variation of Ifrit, who proceeds to sweep the area in front of him, causing massive pillars of flame and lava to burst from the ground and high into the air.
    • Holy: Bartz copies Terra Branford's use of the ultimate White Magic spell, creating five orbs of holy light that home in on an opponent. If they strike their intended target, Bartz can immediately follow up with the explosive power of Flare.
    • Luminous Shard: Bartz draws Cecil's Mythgraven Blade to unleash a wave of light energy at his desired target that homes in on them.
    • Paladin Force: Bartz throws a projectile of light that stuns the target on impact. If it connects, Bartz teleports to their location before sweeping through them with several flourishes of Cecil's Mythgraven Blade and slamming them into the ground.
    • Ragnarok Blade: Bartz summons a miniature version of Laguna Loire's ship, the Ragnarok, which forms a long energy blade that Bartz swings into his foe.
    • Reel Impulse: Bartz throws Firion's axe, which boomerangs back towards Bartz to drag distant foes close to him before using Zidane's Mage Mashers to slash at his foes.
    • Slidehazzard: Bartz slides into his foe twice with Tidus' Brotherhood in hand before summoning Cloud's Buster Sword to slam his foe into the ground.
    • Slide Shooter: Bartz slides through his foe with Tidus' Brotherhood before creating Kain's Lance to stab them multiple times and knock them into the air.
    • Solid Ascension: Bartz uses Squall's Gunblade to repeatedly attack an opponent before launching them into the air with the Warrior of Light's sword.
    • Soul Eater: Bartz forms Cecil Harvey's Dark Sword and impales his foe with it, flooding their insides with dark energy while forming an orb of darkness and gravity with his free hand to slam the opponent backward.
    • Storm Shot: Bartz slashes at his opponent with Zidane's Mage Mashers before sending them into the air with a kick like Tidus.
    • Wind Shear: Bartz spins around rapidly while copying the Onion Knight's Onion Sword to catch his foe in a cyclone of wind and steel.


  • Barehanded: The Monk's mastery of hand-to-hand combat allows Bartz to remain just as effective with his hands as he is with any weapon should he be disarmed.
  • Chakra: Bartz uses his internal energy to heal his wounds and purge himself of poison and blindness.
  • Counter: Bartz is able to automatically respond to oncoming physical attacks and counter with attacks of his own.
  • Focus: Bartz takes up a stance and focuses his energy for a short time before unleashing an attack with twice the power of a normal strike.
  • HP +: The Monk's natural vitality grants Bartz bonuses to the amount of damage he can take before falling as well as his overall stamina.

Mystic Knight

  • Magic Shell: While on the verge of death, Bartz is able to immediately cast Shell to protect himself from oncoming magical attacks at no cost.
  • Spellblade: Bartz is able to infuse any sword he wields with the effects of most of his Black Magic spells. For instance, infusing a blade with Bio will cause it to deal poison damage and poison anything it cuts. Imbuing it with Flare will allow it to deal the massive damage the spell provides as well as ignoring the vast majority of his foes' defenses. In addition, striking a foe with their elemental weakness will instantly kill them.


  • Dual Wield: Bartz is able to wield any two weapons with a single hand each at once, doubling the amount of attacks he's able to make.
  • First Strike: Bartz gains an aptitude for getting the drop on his opponents to make a preemptive strike.
  • Image: Bartz conjures two afterimages that will absorb the next two oncoming physical attacks.
  • Throw: Bartz throws any object nearby as a deadly weapon, whether it be a simply throwing knife, a stone, an elemental scroll, or a large weapon like a greatsword.


  • Aim: Bartz locks onto the target to ensure that they will not evade his next physical attack.
  • Animals: Bartz calls on the aid of a native animal to help him in combat.
  • Rapid Fire: Bartz dishes out a rapid flurry of four attacks for each weapon he has equipped in an instant. These attacks deal half the damage of normal attacks but will apply any effects, such as the devastating effects of the Flare spellblade.


  • Iainuki: Bartz briefly stops attacking or moving to prepare for a single strike that hits all foes and instantly kills them with a single swipe of his blade.
  • Mineuchi: Bartz stuns his foe by slapping them with the flat side of the blade.
  • Shihradori: Bartz has the instinctive ability to catch oncoming physical attacks and stop them with his bare hands.
  • Zeninage: Bartz tosses money to deal heavy damage to all enemies.


  • Artful Dodger: Bartz automatically gains a boost to his natural speed and evasiveness while in combat.
  • Find Passages: Bartz will always be able to locate hidden passages in dungeons, caves, and other labyrinths.
  • Mug: Bartz attacks his opponent while reaching for any valuables they may have.
  • Sprint: The innate speed of the Thief allows Bartz to run four times as fast at will.
  • Steal: Bartz rushes past an opponent while attempting to steal their equipment, trinkets, or any other useful items off of his opponent.
  • Vigilance: The Thief's keen sense for danger allows Bartz to never be caught off guard by an attack, making sneak attacks useless.


Black Magic

  • Black Magic: A branch of magic that manipulates the elements, inflicts a variety of ailments, and wreaks destruction on one's foes.
    • Bio: Bartz fills the area with noxious, poisonous gas bubbles that deal damage on contact and rapidly drain his foes of their fighting strength and health.
    • Blizzaga: Bartz causes massive shards of ice to erupt all around the battlefield, dealing heavy ice-elemental damage.
    • Break: Bartz instantly turns his foe to stone.
    • Death: Bartz instantly kills his foe.
    • Drain: Bartz drains the physical health of his foe to restore his own. However, this backfires against the undead, instead reversing the process.
    • Firaga: Bartz creates a series of spontaneous explosions that deal heavy fire-elemental damage.
    • Flare: The most powerful Black Magic spell, it triggers a nuclear explosion at Bartz's targeting location, dealing massive non-elemental damage.
    • Osmose: Bartz drains his foe's magical energy to restore his own. This spell will backfire and be reversed if used against the undead.
    • Poison: Bartz poisons his foe.
    • Sleep: Bartz puts his foe to sleep, leaving them vulnerable.
    • Thundaga: Bartz calls down a barrage of lightning bolts at his target's location to deal heavy lightning-elemental damage.
    • Toad: Bartz turns his foe into a powerless toad without the ability to cast magic or use special techniques or abilities. Alternatively, he can use the spell on an ally to cure them of similar afflictions.

Blue Magic

  • Blue Magic: A branch of magic that focuses on copying the abilities of monsters. After being struck by a monster's technique, Bartz can instantly learn it and gain mastery of it. Unlike other spells, Blue Magic can be used even if Bartz is silenced.
    • ????: Bartz instantly deals damage equal to the amount he has already taken to his foe, ignoring attack reflection abilities.
    • 1000 Needles: Bartz flings one thousand Cactuar needles at his foe. Each one deals minuscule damage, but it can cause great harm in numbers and bypasses effects that would otherwise reduce the amount of damage they deal.
    • Aeroga: Bartz attacks his foes with multiple powerful cyclones to deal heavy wind-elemental damage.
    • Aqua Breath: Bartz exhales a stream of bubbles and that deal non-elemental damage but are drastically increased in effectiveness against foes native to the desert.
    • Dark Spark: Bartz "halves" his foes current "level", greatly reducing their overall abilities.
    • Death Claw: A powerful swipe that instantly leaves his foe on the verge of death regardless of their durability and paralyzes them to render them incapable of any action.
    • Doom: Bartz curses a target to instantly die after thirty seconds pass.
    • Flash: Bartz creates a burst of light that blinds all foes who see it.
    • Goblin Punch: Bartz rapidly punches his foe the way a Goblin would, dealing physical damage. This attack's power drastically increases if Bartz and his foe are equal in overall strength and ignores the effects of distance and special effects (such as the minuscule damage dealt by Excalipoor) on its overall power. Thus this attack's damage will remain unchanged no matter how far away Bartz is from his foe when he uses it.
    • Magic Hammer: Bartz creates a hammer above his foe that hits them on the head, halving their magical reserves in the process.
    • Mighty Guard: Bartz instanatly casts Protect, Shell, and Float simultaneously, protecting him from physical and magical attacks while allowing him to levitate off the ground.
    • Mind Blast: Bartz directly attacks his foe's mind, dealing non-elemental damage and paralyzing them while rapidly draining the target's physical health.
    • Moon Flute: Bartz drives himself and all of his allies berserk.
    • Off-Guard: Bartz halves the defense of his target.
    • Self-Destruct: Bartz self-destructs, killing himself and damaging all foes proportional to his overall health prior to using this spell.
    • Time Slip: Bartz rapidly ages the target and puts them to sleep.
    • Vampire: Bartz drains his foe's health to quickly heal a maximum of a half of his current wounds, dealing a proportionate amount of damage to his foe in the process.
    • White Wind: Bartz heals himself and his allies proportionally to Bartz's health remaining. If he is unharmed and healthy, he can rapidly mend the wounds of others. If he is weakened, he will only be able to heal minor wounds.

Dark Arts

  • Dark Arts: Insidious abilities that Bartz learns by defeating equally wicked foes, the Dark Arts call upon evil forces to lay its foes low.
    • Chaos Drive: Bartz summons a storm of hellish lightning that deals heavy lightning-elemental damage and paralyzes all foes struck.
    • Curse: Bartz inflicts a random assortment of status effects upon his foes, including poison, having time slowed or stopped around them, petrification, paralysis, being turnd into a toad, being fated to die in the next thirty seconds, among other ailments.
    • Dark Flare: Bartz assails his foes with a burst of dark, chaotic energy, dealing heavy non-elemental damage and ignoring resistance to magic.
    • Dark Haze: Bartz creates an ominous fog that confuses, disorients, and ages his foes to incapacitate them.
    • Deep Freeze: Bartz encases his foe in ice before freezing time around them, dealing ice-elemental damage.
    • Drain Touch: Bartz drains the life from his foe with a touch, bypassing reflection abilities.
    • Doomsday: The ultimate Dark Art that was forbidden even amongst other Necromancers, it deals catastrophic damage to all enemies in range while bypassing any and all reflection abilities.
    • Evil Mist: Bartz creates a noxious mist that deals poison-elemental damage and can poison all foes in range.
    • Hellwind: Bartz brings forth a cursed gust of wind straight from hell itself, rending all foes with heavy wind-elemental damage and petrifying them.
    • Meltdown: Bartz creates two jets of flame that assail his foes from opposite directions, dealing heavy fire-elemental damage and rapidly sapping the victims' health until they're on the verge of death.


  • Oath: The act of summoning demons to do battle, exclusive to wielders of the Dark Arts.
    • Flamemancer: Summons a flamemancer to torch foes with a jet of flame.
    • Rajitformes: Summons a rajitformes to deal non-elemental damage to al lfoes.
    • Skeleton: Summons a skeleton that can rain lightning bolts on the battlefield.
    • Zombie Dragons: Summons a zombie dragon that spews poison around the battlefield

Red Magic

  • Red Magic: A "jack-of-all trades" school that does not specialize in either Black or White Magic, it is able to utilize both kinds of spells at the cost of potency, only utilizing weaker variations of each school's signature spells.
    • Dualcast: The signature Red Magic ability, it allows Bartz to cast two spells at the same time with the exception of Blue Magic and the Dark Arts, allowing him to inflict multiple status effects in rapid succession or use multiple types of attacks to overwhelm his foes.


  • Summoning: A school of magic that calls various magical beasts to the user's aid.
    • Bahamut: Bartz summons the mightiest dragon, Bahamut, to obliterate his foes with its powerful Mega Flare attack.
    • Carbuncle: Bartz summons Carbuncle to bathe himself and his allies with its Ruby Light, which reflects oncoming magical spells back at their original owners.
    • Catoblepas: Bartz summons the demon Catoblepas to paralyze his foes with its Demon Eye.
    • Golem: Bartz summons Golem to erect an Earthen Wall to impede an oncoming an attack.
    • Ifrit: Bartz summons the djinn Ifrit to scorch the battlefield with his signature Hellfire attack.
    • Leviathan: Bartz summons the mighty sea serpent Leviathan to lay waste to his foes with his signature Tsunami attack, drowning and crushing them with heavy water-elemental damage.
    • Odin: Bartz summons the mysterious knight Odin to instantly cut down all of his foes with its iron blade, Zantetsuken. If the target is resistant to instant death, Odin will instead toss his spear Gungnir to deal heavy non-elemental damage.
    • Phoenix: Bartz summons the reborn spirit of Lenna's Wind Drake as the legendary Phoenix, dealing fire-elemental damage to all foes while bringing all fallen allies back to peak fighting strength with its Flames of Rebirth.
    • Ramora: Bartz summons Ramora, a large electric fish, to attack and paralyze his foes.
    • Ramuh: Bartz summons the wizard Ramuh to call down his signature Judgment Bolt attack to deal heavy lightning-elemental damage.
    • Shiva: Bartz summons the avatar of ice herself to freeze his foes solid with her Diamond Dust attack, dealing heavy ice-elemental damage.
    • Syldra: Bartz summons the spirit of Faris' long-time companion, the sea dragon Syldra, to deal heavy wind-elemental damage with its Thunderstorm attack.
    • Sylph: Bartz summons Sylph to use her Whisperwind attack, damaging foes and restoring a proportionate amount of health to Bartz and his allies, with the healing effects being divided amongst them.
    • Titan: Bartz summons the enormous Titan to shake the earth with his Gaia's Wrath technique.

Time Magic

  • Time Magic: A branch of magic that manipulates the flow of time, the force of gravity, and the fabric of space to twist battles in the user's favor.
    • Banish: Bartz rips open a hole in space and consigns his foe into it before shutting it, killing them instantly and removing them from the battlefield.
    • Comet: Bartz calls down a barrage of comets from the sky to slam into his foes.
    • Float: Bartz allows himself and his allies to levitate off the ground.
    • Graviga: Bartz greatly increases the strength of gravity in a specified area.
    • Hastega: Bartz speeds up his own time relative to his foes, drastically increasing his effective movement and combat speed.
    • Meteor: Bartz brings down a hail of meteors to crush his foes.
    • Old: Bartz rapidly ages his foe to eventually render them incapable of fighting as their strength, speed, durability, and intelligence all wane.
    • Regen: Bartz manipulates time to allow his body to heal at a faster rate, closing his wounds over time.
    • Return: Bartz returns the state of the battle back to how it was at the beginning, allowing him to effectively redo the fight should he find himself losing.
    • Quick: Bartz freezes time for everyone and everything but himself, allowing him to do as he pleases until it wears off.
    • Slow: Bartz slows down time around his foes, drastically lowering their effective movement and combat speed.
    • Stop: Bartz freezes time around a single foe, preventing them from taking any action until it wears off.
    • Teleport: Bartz teleports himself and his allies to flee battles and quickly exit dungeons and traps.

White Magic

  • White Magic: A branch of magic that focuses on healing the wounds and ailments of one's allies with holy power.
    • Arise: Bartz revives an ally back to peak fighting strength. When used against the undead, it exorcises them instantly.
    • Berserk: Bartz drives his target into a blind rage, increasing their physical strength but rendering them incapable of thinking properly.
    • Blink: Bartz creates afterimages around himself or an ally as they move, making it far more difficult to hit them.
    • Confuse: Bartz befuddles the mind of his foes, making them incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe, with the victim often turning on their allies or themselves.
    • Curaga: Bartz rapidly heals himself and his allies. If used on the undead, it deals heavy holy-elemental damage instead.
    • Dispel: Bartz dispels any status enhancements his foe might have, such as boosts to strength, speed, and durability.
    • Esuna: Bartz cures himself or an ally of status ailments such as blindness, poison, paralysis, and petrification.
    • Holy: The ultimate White Magic spell, it bathes the battlefield in holy light to deal massive holy-elemental damage.
    • Libra: Bartz scans the target for their strengths and weaknesses, learning their overall fighting strength, magical energy, status effects, and any weak points they may have.
    • Mini: Bartz shrinks his foe, making them so small that they can be easily stomped on as they lose a proportionate amount of their physical strength and durability. However, this spell does not affect the power of the victim's spells. This spell can also be used to cure himself or an ally of similar afflictions.
    • Protect: Bartz creates a barrier that reduces the effectiveness of enemy physical attacks.
    • Reflect: Bartz erects a barrier around himself or some other target that bounces oncoming spells back to their owners. However, the spells can only rebound once.
    • Shell: Bartz erects a barrier that reduces the effectiveness of enemy spells, decreasing the amount of damage they deal.
    • Silence: Bartz mutes a single foe, rendering them incapable of using abilities that involve the use of one's voice, such as verbal magic.


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