Barrett M82


The Barrett M82, standardized by the US Military as the M107, is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic sniper rifle developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. It is used by many units and armies around the world. Despite its designation as an anti-materiel rifle, it is used by some armed forces as an anti-personnel sniper rifle. It is also called the Light Fifty for its .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) chambering and significantly lighter weight compared to previous applications.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B

Name: Barrett M82, M107, Light Fifty

Origin: Real Life

Type: Semi-automatic sniper rifle

Users: Many military forces

Attack Potency: At least Wall level (Firepower from its .50 cal BMG bullets is at least 18,000 J. Able to penetrate multiple walls with ease)

Speed: Supersonic+ (.50 cal BMG bullets fired from the gun can travel at about 928 m/s)

Range: Effective range is 1800 meters, farther with a scope and excellent marksmanship



BARRETT .50 CAL vs. BALLISTICS GEL! 50 BMG ballistics testing in SUPER SlowMo (4K)

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