Baraqiel is the current Vice Governor of the Fallen Angels as well as Grigori and is the father of Akeno Himejima. He is also the widower of Shuri Himejima and is best friends with Azazel and Shemhazai. He possesses a serious, rigid warrior-type personality, though he is also protective of his daughter. He did hate Issei at one point due to the misconception of Issei being "A Dragon that devours breasts", which implies that he is naïve when it comes to jokes, mainly taking things literally. He can also become a masochist at times. Baraqiel was one of the first Angels to descend from Heaven and become a Fallen Angel. In the past, Baraqiel was injured and was found by Shuri Himejima, who nursed him back to health. They eventually fell in love and gave birth to a daughter (Akeno). Shuri's family couldn't accept Baraqiel due to him being a Fallen Angel, which led to Shuri's death in his absence.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A

Name: Baraqiel

Origin: High School DXD

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Fallen Angel, Vice Governor General of the Grigori

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Lightning Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Holy Attacks, Flight, Memory Manipulation (Has yet to use this on comparable characters), Teleportation, Thunder Manipulation

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Was stated to have the highest attack power of all the Fallen Angels in Grigori, including characters like Azazel and Kokabiel, as the current Governor General of the Fallen Angels he should be comparable to a Satan-class devil like Serafall)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (Comparable to Serafall) with Massively Hypersonic+ attack speed (His mastery over lightning is superior to his daughter, Akeno's)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: Mountain Class

Durability: Mountain level (Comparable to other Satan Class individuals)

Stamina: Presumably high (On par with Satan-class individuals). He is also a masochist, so he's less bothered by pain than most individuals.

Range: At least several hundreds of meters, likely higher (Has much greater mastery over his holy lightning compared to Akeno)

Standard Equipment: Light-Based Weaponry

Intelligence: One of the oldest and strongest Fallen Angels with thousands of years of combat experience. He is also a competent leader, being hand-picked by Azazel to take over Girgori as Governor General of the Fallen Angels.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Holy Lightning: Baraqiel's signature move that combines light and lightning together. Baraqiel's Holy Lightning is reputed to be number one amongst Fallen Angels in terms of damage output of a single strike.
  • Flight: Being a Fallen Angel, Baraqiel can fly using his wings.


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