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And I'll tell you one more thing. A real sin... can't be erased, no matter whaaaaat you do.
~ Ban


Ban is the Fox's Sin of Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins. He was formerly known as "Bandit Ban" during his earlier years and later as "Undead Ban," epithets explained by his infamy as a thief and because of his immortality. In the past he journeyed to the Fairy King's Forest to find the Fountain of Youth, encountering its guardian Elaine and falling in love with her in the process. As the Forest was being attacked by a Red Demon, Elaine forcefully gave the Fountain of Youth to Ban on her deathbed, allowing him to survive the battle. He was charged with the destruction of the Forest and murder of its guardian but couldn't be executed no matter what was tried. This led to him being conscripted into the Sins by Meliodas.

Ban used his blood to regrow the Fairy King's Forest and would later journey to Purgatory, where he lived for centuries trying to locate Meliodas' emotions. In the process he adapted to the extremely harsh environment of Purgatory.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A | 7-A | Varies. Up to 6-B

Name: Ban, epithet "Undead" and (when he was younger) "Bandit"

Origin: Nanatsu no Taizai

Gender: Male

Age: 43 (actual age), 23 (body's age), Over 500 (after going to Purgatory)

Classification: Human, Fox's Sin of Greed, Member of Seven Deadly Sins

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Extrasensory Perception, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Expert Nunchucks Wielder, Martial Arts, Regeneration (Mid-High; can regenerate from being reduced to globs of blood and being burnt to ashes), Rage Power and Statistics Amplification (Increased his power with his emotions despite being heavily injured), Limited Reactive Evolution, Telekinesis (Can steal physical objects from afar through obstacles), Invisibility (Can completely suppress his presence and prevent others from seeing him), Absorption (Can steal the physical capabilities of others and add them to his own), Resistances to Poison, Acid, Heat, and Cold

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Matched Sealed Unarmed Meliodas in arm wrestling and hurt him with punches) | Mountain level+ (Casually pierced a hole through Awakened Dale despite not being able to damage him without a weapon. Easily tore off Sealed Base Meliodas' arm when the latter was using his sword) | Varies. Up to Country level+ (Stole over half of Galand's raw physical power along with most of the energy from Jericho, Elaine, a nearby village, and perhaps Melascula for a few minutes before burning out)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Much faster than Sealed Base Meliodas). | Massively Hypersonic (Same as before). | Varies, up to Massively Hypersonic+ (Outsped Galand and managed to get several kilometers away before he hit his limit).

Lifting Strength: Class G | Class G | Varies. Up to at least Class G

Striking Strength: Mountain Class | Mountain Class+ | Varies. Up to Country Class+

Durability: Mountain level (Took hits from Sealed Base Meliodas without his weapon), though regeneration makes him almost impossible to kill unless circumvented. | Mountain level (Same as before), though regeneration makes him almost impossible to kill unless circumvented. | Varies. Up to Country level+ (Took hits from Galand who was at half of his base strength), though regeneration makes him almost impossible to kill unless circumvented.

Stamina: Extremely high (His regeneration further compliments his stamina, also able to survive with blatantly fatal injuries even when he can't regenerate).

Range: Standard melee range. A few hundred meters with Snatch (Stole a heart of a demon some hundred meters away when he was younger).

Standard Equipment: Three-Section-Staff

Intelligence: As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ban is one of the strongest and most skilled Holy Knights in all of Britannia. True to his former name "Bandit Ban", his strategy is using his ability Snatch to steal and sap his foes physical strength and using it against them, Ban is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and staff user. Due to his past as a thief, he has sticky fingers and is so fast that he can steal someone's teeth while they're in the middle of talking before they realize what happened and later sneaked up on the Ten Commandments and broke Melascula's neck before she could react. However, he doesn't always keep his cool and is seen to rarely get serious in a fight as a result of his useful regeneration ability, deciding to not going all out until he notices that he's dealing with a threat.

Weaknesses: Ban doesn't always take things seriously. He also has a low tolerance for alcohol. Bringing up Elaine in passing makes him rash and irritable. He can only steal so much of a person's strength, overdoing it leaves him unable to move for a period.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Immortality: Due to drinking the Fountain of Youth, Ban gained immortality. He can completely and perfectly regenerate from all wounds, including lost limbs, organs, and head, and even complete incineration, making him extremely hard to kill. His immortality stops him from aging, retaining his 23 year old body in perpetuity. He needs no food or drink to survive and is immune to poisons and illness; as a result he is in peak condition at all times unless he overuses certain Snatch techniques. After surviving and adapting to Purgatory for hundreds of years, his immortality improved to the point where the scorching heat and frostbite-inducing cold no longer affected him at all, and he could breathe the poisonous air as if it were normal.


Snatch: Ban's magic power which allows him to steal things from others. He can remove objects from a distance, including his opponent's body parts and internal organs, but he is not limited to physical objects. Snatch also allows him to steal attributes like strength and speed from others, although he can only retain them for a limited time before he succumbs to fatigue.

  • Assault Hunt: Ban quickly charges forward while removing the heads of all the enemies in his path.
Ban's Assault Hunt

Assault Hunt

  • Banishing Kill: Ban pulls himself over a large distance while performing a fatal slash on his enemy as he crosses near them.
  • Crazy Hunt: Ban performs a Fox Hunt-like attack on several enemies at once. He also demonstrated the ability to use it from a far enough range that his target was a small figure in the distance.
  • Fox Hunt: Ban uses his hand or weapon to snatch an object from a distance. His commonly used tactic with this technique is to remove his enemy's heart.
  • Hunter Fest: Ban temporarily steals the physical strength of every living creature within a hundred foot radius of himself. However, as seen by his encounter with Galand and noted by Melascula, there is a limit to how much strength Ban can take. After the time limit is reached, Ban becomes extremely fatigued to the point where he can no longer walk on his own.
  • Physical Hunt: Ban temporarily steals his opponent's strength and speed and adds them to his own. After the time limit is reached, Ban becomes extremely fatigued.
  • Zero Sign: Ban suppresses his presence in order to move undetected among the enemy. He was able to sneak past the Ten Commandments, some of whom have displayed sensory abilities ranging hundreds of miles, and break Melascula's neck before any of them noticed anything.


  • Three-Section Staff: During his period as a bandit, Ban wielded and used a power-imbued three-section staff, a nunchuck-like weapon consisting of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. He was quite formidable in using it, and could use it in conjunction with his 'Snatch' ability to 'grab' objects like the cup of the Fountain of Youth. The weapon itself was shown to be powerful enough to rip out one of the hearts of a demon and crushing flesh and breaking bones and nails. He wielded a more elaborately designed one when he became a member of the Sins.
  • Courechouse: Ban's Sacred Treasure was stolen from him after he let himself be imprisoned by the Weird Fangs. It is a four-section staff, and its special ability is currently unknown.

Key: Without a Weapon | With a Weapon | After Hunter Fest


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