US Air Force B-2 Spirit

Side-view of a B-2 in flight.


The B-2 Spirit is a 2-seat stealth bomber developed by Northrop-Grumman. It is a heavy penetration strategic bomber sporting low observable stealth technology for piercing into high density air defenses. It is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads. There are currently 21 built.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies from 9-A to Low 7-B with payload

Name: B-2 Spirit

Origin: Real World

Classification: Stealth Bomber

Height: 5.18 meters

Length: 21 meters

Weight: Empty weight is around 5 metric tons, loaded weight is up to 6.8 metric tons.

Pilot(s): 1

Needed Prerequisite for Use: 2 crew members (1 pilot and mission commander)

In use by: U.S Air Force

Powered by: Jet Fuel powering 4 General Electric F118-GE-100 turbofans

Operational Timeframe: Several days, higher with mid-air refueling

Attack Potency: Varies from Small Building level+ (The Mark 82 bombs pack about 89 kg of Tritonal high explosives, which can produce around 863 megajoules of energy) to Small City level with payload (The B63 is a 1.2 megaton nuclear bomb)

Range: 11,100 kilometers, farther with Midair refueling

Speed: Transonic flight speeds (Top speed is Mach 0.95)

Terrain: Air

Material: Carbon-graphite composite coated in various radar absorbent materials

Durability: Small Building level (Is around this size)

Weaknesses: Barring stealth, it has no defense against fighters.


2 internal bays for ordnance and payload, official limit is 18000 kg, maximum estimated limit is 23000 kg, which is able to contain either:

  • 80x 500 lb bombs (Mk-82, GBU-38)
  • 36x 750 lb CBU class bombs on BRA
  • 16x 2000 lb bombs (Mk-84, GBU-31) mounted on a Rotary Launcher Assembly (RLA)
  • 16x B61 or B63 nuclear bombs
  • Standoff weapons: AGM-154 JSOW and AGM-158 JASSM