The Rockwell (Now part of Boeing) B-1 Lancer is a four engine, supersonic variable sweep swing strategic bomber developed in the 1960s originally to replace the aging B-52 Stratofortress. The bomber's original design has evolved into the current B-1B Lancer, a low-level penetration bomber with a long range as well as Mach 1.25 capability at high altitudes.

The B-1 made it's first flight on 23 December 1974, entering service in the 1st of October in 1986, and continues to serve to this day. There are currently 101 built, 1 B-1A and 100 B-1Bs.

Powers and Stats

Note: This profile uses the stats of the B-1B only.

Tier: Varies from 9-A up to at most Low 7-B with payload

Name: B-1 Lancer

Origin: Real World

Classification: Strategic Low-level Penetration Bomber

Height: 10.4 meters

Length: 44.5 meters

Weight: Empty weight is 87.1 metric tons, loaded is usually 148 metric tons, maximum takeoff weight is 216.4 metric tons.

Pilot(s): 2

Needed Prerequisite for Use: 4 crew members (Aircraft commander, copilot, offensive and defensive systems officers)

In use by: U.S Air Force

Powered by: Jet Fuel, which powers 4 General Electric F101-GE-102 augmented turbofans

Operational Timeframe: Several days, higher with mid-air refueling

Attack Potency: Varies from Small Building level (The Mark 82 bombs pack about 89 kg of Tritonal high explosives , which can produce around 863 megajoules of energy) up to at most Small City level with payload (The most powerful bomb it can carry, the B83, has a yield of at maximum 1.2 megatons, however these bombs are no longer carried)

Range: 9400 km, combat radius of 5543 km

Speed: Supersonic flight speeds (Mach 1.2)

Terrain: Air

Material: Mostly Aluminum alloy and titanium

Durability: Small Building level (Is around this size)

Weaknesses: None notable


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