Avo's Tear

Avo's Tear


Avo's Tear is an ancient sword said to be as powerful as the legendary Sword of Aeons. It is available in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, and can be obtained from the quest The Hidden Sword. The sword was originally only the sword of a common guard until Solcius, the most powerful Guild Mage to ever live, used it as a focus point to close a vortex that threatened to engulf Bowerstone. The sword disappeared soon afterwards. Knowledge of it soon fell into legend until Maze started searching for it as a means to fight against Jack of Blades. Maze however failed to retrieve it because he was not deemed worthy of its power. Later, if the Hero of Oakvale throws away the Sword of Aeons, he is given a chance to acquire the sword. He is judged by three of the most powerful Heroes to ever live: Solcius, Delfe, and Holdr. They deem him worthy and give him Avo's Tear.

Apparently, Nostro, the founder of the Heroes' Guild, ordered the design of two important objects in Albion: the Witchwood Arena, and Avo's Tear. It was modelled after the Sword of Aeons, which had disappeared by that time. This is according to the Tales of Albion at

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-A

Name: Avo's Tear

Origin: Fable

Age: Unknown

Classification: Longsword

Wielder(s): The Hero of Oakvale, Solcius (only during its conception)

Material or Element: Forged of steel and all the Will Energy Solcius possessed

Needed Prerequisite for Use: Nothing to use it, but you need to be deemed worthy of wielding it by the three greatest Heroes the Guild ever produced in order to acquire it

Powers and Abilities: Grants the wielder Regeneration (Mid-Low), imbued with all the destructive power of the greatest Guild Mage ever produced

Attack Potency: Continent level (Was imbued with all of Solcius' Will Power in order to help him seal the vortex that threatened to engulf all of Bowerstone. Solcius was the greatest Will User the Guild of Heroes had ever trained prior to The Hero of Oakvale, placing him even above the likes of Nostro. Nostro, even long after death, was capable of briefly fighting The Hero of Oakvale just after he had defeated Jack of Blades and receive the honorable "death" he had always craved)

Speed: Varies; ranges from Supersonic+ to Hypersonic+

Durability: Continent level

Range: Extended melee range (The sword is almost as tall as the hero)

Weaknesses: None notable