Assist Trophy

Assist trophy (top) and possible outcomes


This strange capsule contains a guest character who will aid you in your battle. Who will emerge? Grab it to find out! Maybe it'll be a famous character from a popular game, or perhaps a goofy sidekick here to prove his or her worth. Too bad you can't choose who shows up or control them...
~ Super Smash Bros's description

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies depending on summon

Name: Assist Trophy

Origin: Super Smash Bros.

Users: Anyone playable in Smash Bros.

Powers and Abilities: Summons a character to assist the user

Attack Potency: Varies

Range: Usually reaches a wide radius

Weaknesses: Summon only lasts less than 30 seconds, summon is sometimes harmful to the user

Notable Possibilities:

-Andross: Spits tiles.

-Ashley: Creates a cloud that damages.

-Barbara: Strums on her guitar to create sound waves.

-Chain Chomp: Jumps and bites players.

-Color TV-Game 15: A giant game of Pong begins and damages players.

-Dark Samus: Fires Phazon energy.

-Devil: Moves boundaries of the stage.

-Dillon: Does rolling attacks.

-Dr. Kawashima: Creates numbers that add up, and explode when reaching 10.

-Dr. Wright: Summons buildings from the ground.

-Elec Man: Rolls around and uses electric projectiles.

-Excitebikes: Race forward to attack.

-Galaga: Boss Galaga will fly to the top of the screen, then fly in formation as it did in its home series. After such, it will dive down and home in on the targeted player's last known position and fire its tractor beam, if a character caught by its tractor beam, it will be taken to the top of the screen and over the upper blast line.

-Ghirahim: Throws knives at opponents.

-Ghosts: Float around to damage enemies.

-Gray Fox: Reflects projectiles and slashes to attack.

-Hammer Bro.: Throws hammers.

-Helirin: Flies around and acts as a wall.

-Infantry and Tanks: Follows the user and shoots others.

-Isaac: Uses Move to attack the opponents.

-Isabelle: Throws fruit that can be used to heal.

-Jeff: Fires three bottle rockets, followed by a big one.

-Jill: Attacks using her drill.

-Kat and Ana: Fly around and do slashes.

-Knuckle Joe: Uses Vulcan Jab and Smash Punch/Rising Break.

-Lakitu and Spinies: Spinies are dropped onto the field.

-Little Mac: Does a variety of punches.

-Lyndis: Charges energy for a period of time, then reappears in another location and delivers a powerful, near-instantaneous slash for the nearest enemy.

-Magnus: Swings his weapon and builds up tornadoes.

-Majora: Inverts the stage, turns everything invisible, or turns everything backward.

-Metroid: Latches onto an opponent and disables them.

-Midna: Grabs opponents, and deals darkness damage.

-Mother Brain: Does a laser attack while guarding.

-Mr. Resetti: Gives speeches, and causes an explosion if attacked.

-Nintendog: Paws at the screen, blocking everyone's view.

-Nightmare: Flies backward, then blackens everything out.

-Phosphora: Does electricity attacks.

-Ray MK lll: Flies around, firing missiles and bullets.

-Riki: Uses several arts to attack the enemies.

-Sablé Prince: Traps someone in a cloud of dust, then transforms into an animal to attack them.

-Saki Amamiya: Slashes and fires with a gun.

-Samurai Goroh: Pursues opponents and delivers them slashes.

-Shadow the Hedgehog: Slows down time for everyone except the user and all allied parties.

-Sheriff: Walks on the air and shoots.

-Starfy: Spins around to attack.

-Starman: Walks from side to side and uses PK Beam.

-Takamaru: Spins pinwheel knife rooks.

-Tingle: Does one of five powerful effects. Like creating a plethora of Hammers & Golden Hammers, throw banana peels in the air, release lots of flowers, give everyone Superspicy Curry, flies away releasing a plethora of balloons

-Waluigi: Wields a racket and stomps opponents into the ground.