Mysterious Heroine X 2nd Ascension
The Arturia Species is like a cancer of the universe. Someone must reap them out. Someone must.
~ Assassin's motive


Assassin is an Assassin-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

Assassin's True Name is Mysterious Heroine X, also known as Heroine X and just X, an unknown heroine who tasked herself in eliminating Saber-class heroines during Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary. Bearing the code name "A-X", X was a stranger who came from the "mysterious dimension" called the "Servant Universe". Seeking to accomplish her "true, dearest wish" to "defeat all Sabers", she brandished Secretcalibur and left her home town, leaving behind an "expression full of bitterness."

X has revealed to none that her true identity is actually Arturia Pendragon. While she believes that her "perfect disguise" has tricked everyone, it is asked that others keep the fact quiet to keep from spoiling it and also for the sake of X's own honor.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B6-C with Secretcalibur

Name: Assassin, Mysterious Heroine X (Usually abbreviated as MHX or just X), Alternate Arturia Pendragon/Saber

Origin: Fate/Grand Order

Gender: Female

Age: 24 but 14 physically when compared to her mainstream counterpart

Classification: Assassin-Class Servant, Alternate version of Artoria Pendragon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Expert Swordswoman, Extremely limited Precognition, Can call in covering fire, Has an affinity for dealing with foes who would fit under the class of Saber, Energy Projection with Secretcalibur, Can fly to other universes with her spaceship, Soul Manipulation (all Servants can consume souls to replenish their magical energy), Immunity to Modern Weapons (Servants are Divine Mysteries that cannot be harmed by modern weapons such as guns, knives, or bombs unless they are infused with a supernatural aspect such as magical energy or possess a certain amount of age or mystery behind their creation)

Attack Potency: At least City level+ (Is comparable to Saber under Shirou). Island level with Secretcalibur (Uses Excalibur and Excalibur Morgan in tandem with each other at point-blank range)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Has A+ Rank Agility, the highest rating possible for a Servant)

Lifting Strength: Class 25+ via power-scaling to Saber

Striking Strength: At least City Class+

Durability: At least City level+

Stamina: High (Is not an actual Heroic Spirit, but can keep up with them in combat for long periods of time)

Range: Extended melee range with Secretcalibur

Standard Equipment: Her Noble Phantasm, Secretcalibur, Her spaceship, Dun Stallion II, which she uses to travel through space and to the timeline where Fate/Grand Order takes place in.

Intelligence: Despite her class designation, X is just as proficient in swordplay as her mainstream counterpart, being specially equipped to defeat Sabers with two Excaliburs at once. She is pragmatic enough to call in covering fire to stun her foes and launch sneak attacks "fairly and squarely", massacring her targets without question (especially if they're Saberfaces like Nero). However, she seems to lack common sense and believes that her disguise is utterly flawless despite the fact that virtually everyone knows her true identity.

Weaknesses: Completely self-assured and oblivious to the fact that her identity is not actually hidden, The majority of her skills are targeted towards Sabers and other swordsman, making her less suitable for fighting those who don't wield swords

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

  • Secretcalibur: Sword of Unsigned Victory
  • Post-Ascension (Upgraded)
  • Activation
  • Secretcalibur: Sword of Unsigned Victory: (無銘勝利剣ひみつかりばー, Himitsu-karibā: Mumei Shōri-ken) is the Noble Phantasm of Mysterious Heroine X. Normally wielding just Excalibur in her right hand, X summons Excalibur Morgan into her left hand and causes both to surge with power. She utilizes them as a rocket boost that blasts her towards the opponent. She slashes them repeatedly with both swords and then jumps into the air. As she descends, she shouts Excalibur, slashes with both swords in an overhead swing, and creates an X-shaped beam as she hits the opponent.

Class Skills

  • Riding (騎乗, Kijō, localized as "Dragoon"): the Class Skill of Rider and Saber, is the ability to ride mounts. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank, and A-rank can allow for Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts to be mounted. It is said that dragon type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding. Due to her EX rank, She cannot ride pretty much anything but displays amazing performance when steering spaceships. To the point that she can make them warp even if they are not installed with a warp function.
  • Cosmo Reactor (コスモリアクター , Kosumo riakutā): A cosmic reactor allowed only to the multiplying Sabers. It is reacting to various things. Settings, for example.

Personal Skills

  • Back-Up Fire (支援砲撃, Shien hōgeki): A skill that reflects X's willingness to call in covering fire from her spaceship, the Dun Stallion II, to catch her foes off guard and stagger them before she moves in for the kill. In a one-on-one fight between fellow between fellow swordsmen, there are no unexplored territories nor soulful tactics.
  • Instinct (直感, Chokkan): The power to "feel" the course that leads to the best possible outcome in battle. X has a C+ Rank in this skill, considerably lower than the normal Arturia's, but only when facing a Saber, her instincts rank-up to A.


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