The Arwing is the personal super-high performance combat spacecraft used by members of the Star Fox Team. Despite numerous revisions and redesigns over the course of the team's history, the many models of Arwings have maintained the balance of speed, power and performance that they are credited for. The Arwing starfighter is the primary battle vehicle of the Star Fox Team, and is almost the symbol of their team. Developed by Space Dynamics Co., Ltd., the Arwing is equipped with the revolutionary G-Diffuser system, an anti-gravity device which allows the pilot to accelerate or decelerate instantaneously and perform a wide variety of high performance combat maneuvers. By executing a barrel roll, (actually an aileron roll) the Arwing can also generate a electromagnetic shield which will deflect most optically based weapons, such as laser beams. The Arwings used by the Star Fox Team are much different from any production versions as they have been extensively modified with improved armor and advanced weapon systems, such as Hyper Laser Homing Bolts and Smart Bombs.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A

Name: Arwing

Origin: Star Fox

Age: Unknown

Classification: Jet plane

Wielders: The Star Fox Crew

Powers and Abilities: Flight, Superhuman Speed, laser cannons, can shoot smart bombs, can make Barrel Rolls making a small shield (when is really an Aileron Roll), G-Diffusers/Brakes, can transform into a Walker for ground mobility and combat.

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (Capable of obliterating Andross wielding the powers of the Krazoa Spirits, who are able to reconstruct Saurai's planet)

Speed: FTL (Capable of flying in and out a black hole and flying at warp speed to different planets in the entire Lylat System in seconds.)

Durability: Multi-Continent level (Can withstand kilometric explosions head on and several devastating attacks from Andross with the power of the Krazoa Spirit)

Range: Hundreds of meters with the cannons and the smart bombs

Standard Equipment:

  • T&B-H1 Laser cannons with homing charged shots and plasma customization
  • Smart Bomb launcher

Weaknesses: If the ailerons are damaged, the Arwing will start to lose altitude and the pilot will have a hard time maintaining it's aerial position.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Barrel Roll: A defense maneuver where the pilot performs an Aileron Roll, creating a shield for a brief second to deflect and reflect certain attacks and projectiles. It also be used as a method of attack, damaging enemies nearby and destroying large mother ships.

Note: See here for more information.


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