Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, likely much higher with the Keys | At least High 6-A, likely 5-B4-B | 2-A

Name: Arthur Penhaligon

Origin: Keys to the Kingdom

Gender: Male

Age: 12 | Unknown, possibly several billion years old

Classification: Human | Denizen | Lord Arthur Penhaligon, Rightful Heir to the House, the Keys of the Kingdom and the Architect, Master of the Lower House, Lord of the Far Reaches, Duke of the Border Sea, Overlord of the Great Maze, Commander in Chief of the Glorious Army of the Architect, Master of the Middle House, Ruler of the Upper House, Lord of the Incomparable Gardens, and the Secondary Realms | The New Architect

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping (can warp reality with the Keys), Control over Nothing, Elemental Manipulation (Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Light), Time Manipulation (specifically time slowing), Time Travel and Teleportation (via the Improbable Stair), can animate inanimate objects, Death Manipulation (Can cause lesser beings to die instantly), Text Manipulation, Shields, Resistance to Fate Manipulation (gaining the Key allowed him to change his record, and thus his fate) | Immortality (Types 1 and 2), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration (Low-High), can create Nithlings, Biological Manipulation (Can invert, paralyze and shrink beings), Durability Negation (Can create weapons out of Nothing), Size Manipulation, ShapeshiftingMatter Destruction, Spatial Manipulation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Immunity to Disease | Statistics Amplification, Memory Manipulation | All previous abilities to a much greater extent, Cosmic Awareness, Immune to Nothingness, Can split other beings out of himself, Void Manipulation, Fate Manipulation via accessing Records, Immortality (Type 4 and possibly 8)

Attack Potency: Street level, likely much higher with the Keys | At least Multi-Continent level (Created an attack that reached into the stratosphere, comparable to the base trustees, should be stronger than a sunburst, and is able to significantly light up the moon) likely Planet level (Should be comparable to Superior Saturday) | At least Solar System level (Comparable to Lord Sunday with his key) | Multiverse level+ (As powerful as the original Architect)

Speed: Subsonic (He can react at these speeds, with wings capable of going 180mph (290kmph)) | FTL (Could react to and block lightning, should be superior to the Sentinels, and to the sunsprites) | FTL+ | Unknown (Vastly superior to before), likely Immeasurable (existed and moved in the void of Nothing after the multiverse was destroyed)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Class T+ | Unknown, but much higher | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Human Class | Multi-City Block Class (Capable of one shotting powerful Denizen sorcerers, can beat Nithlings, traded blows with Feverfew) Multi-Continent Class likely Planet Class with magic | Solar System ClassMultiversal+

Durability: Street level, likely higher (Can shield himself and increase his strength, speed and durability | At least Multi-Continental, likely Planet level | At least Solar System level scaling from Lord Sunday | Multiverse level+ (Survived the wave of Nothing that destroyed an infinite number of universes)

Stamina: That of an average human, endless with the Keys | Superhuman+ (Does not need to eat or sleep) | Limitless | Infinite

Range: Several hundred meters, Multiversal+ with the Improbable Stair | At least several dozen kilometers (Able to engulf everything in a fire that stretched from horizon to horizon, brightened the moon), Universal+ with the 5th Key and Multiversal+ the Improbable Stair | Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: The First Key, the Second Key, the Third Key, the Fourth Key, the Compleat Atlus of the House and it's Immediate Environs, Immaterial Gear | The Fifth Key, the Sixth Key, the Seventh Key | All of the Keys | The Complete Atlus

Intelligence: That of an average boy his age, though has access to the Compleat Atlus | Nigh-Omniscient (The Complete Atlus grants him complete knowledge of the entire multiverse)

Weaknesses: Asthma when he is in the Secondary Realms, Reluctant to use the power of the keys else he becomes a Denizen, exposure to Nothing, Isn't able to use the Key's full power | Reluctant to use his power, exposure to Nothing | Can be bound by his own power, otherwise none.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Keys: Use of the keys allow him to manipulate reality, Nothing and access the Improbable Stair

Key: Human | Denizen | With the Full Power of the Keys | New Architect

Note: Nothing refers to an in-universe substance, the primordial void from before creation.


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