Achetype - Earth

This is my world. Although it can only exist for one night like yours, there is no world I cannot make.
~ Arcueid


Arcueid Brunestud (アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド, Arukueido Buryunsutaddo) is the White Princess of the True Ancestors, created for the meaningless purpose of being the strongest of their kind. Tasked with eradicating those True Ancestors that fell to their bloodlust and the Dead Apostles that turned against them, she was nothing more than a tool used for this purpose, lacking any personality or identity. She was only taught what was needed to kill her targets, and whenever she completed her mission, she went to sleep and had her memories erased.

She never had to resist her vampiric impulses, and the rest of the True Ancestors thought she had none. This changed when Michael Roa Valdamjong tricked her into feeding from him, awakening her bloodlust and sending her on a rampage that wiped out most of the remaining True Ancestors. After that, she managed to restrain herself, overpowering her vampiric impulses yet constantly battling against them. While she eventually succeeded in killing Roa alongside the Burial Agency, he had already perfected his method of reincarnation. And so, Arcueid spends her life awakening whenever Roa manifests, tracking him down, and killing him, again and again.

Shiki meets her the day after he cuts her to pieces, at which point she introduces herself in an oddly cheerful manner. Due to Shiki nearly killing her, she's temporarily vulnerable but still strong enough to kill him, so she strongarms him into helping her destroy Roa. Over the course of their temporary relationship, Arcueid gets the chance to really see the world for the first time due to sleeping almost all of her very long life, and starts truly developing her emotions and identity.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A | 9-B | At least 7-A to 6-C, possibly higher | At least 5-C with Marble Phantasm. 5-B with Moon Drop. Possibly 4-B | 4-B

Name: Arcueid Brunestud, the White Princess of the True Ancestors

Origin: Tsukihime

Gender: Female

Age: Around 800 years old

Classification: True Ancestor (a Counter Force of the planet with a form)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Hypnosis, can boost her stats to become slightly higher than her opponent's, can reduce an opponent to a sixth of their power on the moon, Reactive Evolution (Becomes more resistant to magecraft and conceptual weapons used on her), Teleportation (Can dematerialize and recreate her body elsewhere), can create phenomenons via Probability Manipulation, such as Elemental Manipulation or Time Manipulation, can exist as a disembodied soul, Non-Corporeal as Archetype: Earth (As a Counter Force, she's a whirl of formless power), lacks a concept of death at night / at full power, Regeneration (Works by reversing time; Low-High via scaling to Roa, Low-Godly over time / with lots of energy; can reconstruct her body entirely after it was destroyed by Shiki's Mystic Eyes), Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 7), Resistance to Magic, Conceptual Weapons, and Causality Manipulation

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Easily dispatched Roa in Ciel's body, comparable to the combined forces of four Servants) | Wall level (Superior to Ciel, can easily kill Nrvnqsr's weaker beasts before cutting him in half) | At least Mountain level to Island level, possibly higher via this calculation | At least Moon level with Marble Phantasm. Planet level with Moon Drop. Possibly Solar System level (At full power, Arcueid has enough power to threaten the likes of Amaterasu) | Solar System level (Archetype: Earth is often described as one of the strongest beings in the Nasuverse. She can easily disrupt axis of the Earth to bring various phenomenons, including stopping Earth's rotation and melting the polar ice caps and is considered above even Divine Spirits like Amaterasu and Saver as the most powerful being native to Planet Earth)

Speed: Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic reactions and combat speed (Can keep up with Servants, such as Saber) | Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic reactions and combat speed | At least Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic reactions and combat speed | At least Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic reactions and combat speed | Unknown. At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Should be comparable to other Ultimate Ones, who can reach the escape velocity of their respective planets). Can boost it with Ultimate One.

Lifting Strength: Class 5 | At least Class P as Archetype: Earth (Capable of casually playing pinball with continents)

Striking Strength: Mountain Class | Wall Class | At least Mountain Class to Island Class | Likely at least Large Planet Class | Unknown

Durability: Mountain level | Wall level | At least Mountain level to Island level, possibly higher | Possibly Solar System level (Stated to pose a threat to the likes of Amaterasu | Solar System level (The Aristoteles/Archetypes are considered to be the most powerful entities on their respective planets, including beings like Beast III-R and Amaterasu). Her immortality and regeneration make her virtually impossible to kill without destroying her soul or breaking her link with Gaia. In addition, she has no concept of death at night unless she is weakened in combat, and has high resistance even to conceptual weapons, even those that strike on a spiritual level.

Stamina: Limited at 3-5% power. Otherwise, virtually limitless, and as Archetype: Earth, limitless.

Range: At least dozens of meters. Much further with Marble Phantasm. | Archetype: Earth has planetary range.

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: As the White Princess of the True Ancestors, Arcueid is by far the strongest and most skilled among them, being an expert when it comes to hunting down Dead Apostles and has extensive knowledge of human magecraft and magical phenomenon. She is the only member of the True Ancestors who is able to hold back her bloodlust with sheer willpower and knows the innerworkings of the Dead Apostle Ancestor's powers to such an extent that she is able to use Nrvnsqr Chaos' remains to heal Shiki. However, outside of supernatural matters, she's rather airheaded, naive, and clueless due to being kept inside Millennium Castle Brunestud for so many years, thinking that school was a place to have fun and hypnotizing the entire faculty into believing she was a student so she could spend the whole day with Shiki.

Weaknesses: Must use 70% of her power to keep herself under control and hold back her bloodlust. Powerful Conceptual Weapons like Gae Bolg are able to kill her if she is not familiar with them (which is primarily limited to extremely ancient artifacts/legends with great mystery like Noble Phantasms, Shinto mysteries, and relics from South America). | Arcueid has poor stamina in this state, cannot stand garlic, and cannot use Marble Phantasm more than a few times. | Must use 50% of her power to keep herself under control and hold back her bloodlust. | None notable, although Red Arcueid has succumbed to her bloodlust. | Much of Archetype: Earth's power is gained through her link to Gaia, and this link can be cut off by barriers, sufficient distance, or warping her surroundings until Arcueid's power can no longer recognize it as "Earth".

Notable Attacks/Techniques


Arcueid using Marble Phantasm to dice Roa to pieces

Marble Phantasm (空想具現化, Kuusou Gugenka, Manifest Fantasy): The ability to materialize a phantasm - a vision. It is the natural power of Elementals and True Ancestors, connecting their will to nature and allowing them to manipulate probability and warp their surroundings at will to bring them in line with their vision. As the user is the part of nature, they can change the world as they wish, but they can only act on things within the scope of nature. A transformation independent from nature - such as transforming a human - cannot be realized, unless done indirectly. The concept works on "clustering illusion" theory of probability. Much like a mathematical metaphor involving drawing a white marble from a bag of black marbles with a one percent chance, Marble Phantasm is the ability to raise that chance to one hundred percent and definitely pick the white one amongst all the black ones.

In the story, when Arcueid uses Marble Phantasm on Roa, she turns layers of the atmosphere in the corridor into a vacuum that cut him like a knife would a radish. Although Roa himself was not affected, there was no way to avoid being chopped in pieces by the atmosphere, and Roa only narrowly managed to remain as just his ankles - Arcueid's imagination didn't go as far as having the floor dislocate. When not restricted, Arcueid can create a village in the mountains. But in locations where humans have made changes, it will take more time to break it down, at first. The Millennium Castle Brunestud in which Arcueid lives in is a product of her Marble Phantasm.

Ultimate One (Primordial One) (アルテミット・ワン (原初の一), Arutemitto Wan (Gensho no Ichi), localized as "Origin of All"): The status of being an Ultimate One; by receiving backup from the planet, Arcueid boosts her statistics slightly above her opponent's. On Earth, or against an opponent native to Earth, it'd supposedly activate without penalty. It isn't very useful against opponents with great versatility.

  • Blut die Schwester in the Melty Blood manga
  • Blut die Schwester in the Melty Blood game
  • Blut die Schwester in Fate/Extra
  • Blut die Schwester in Carnival Phantasm

Blut die Schwester: Blood Sisters (プルート・ディ・シェヴェスタァ: 血の姉妹, Burūto di Shevesutaa: Chi no Shimai): An ability somewhat like a Noble Phantasm, though more a special quality that Arcueid possesses, used to drop a mirror image of the Moon onto an opponent. It is a method of world configuration that utilizes the relationship between the Earth and its Moon. As Arcueid originates from the brain of the Moon, and her prime body has become the "sense of touch of the Earth", she embodies the basic rules of both the Moon and the Earth. She is able to use the discord when both are on the same level as a means of attack.

By using a terraforming attraction with the authority of bringing the surrounding environment - the Earth side - to her side, she uses differences in gravity as a means of attack, reducing her opponent's power to only a sixth of their total power while on the Moon. This cannot be avoided through magical resistance; it is a rule of the world. Upon Earth, the ability becomes her authority to become slightly more powerful than her opponent in battle. In short; she becomes stronger while on Earth, while her opponent becomes weaker on the Moon.


Shall We Play Around Some? (少しばかり戯れようか?, ?) Arcueid's Last Arc in Melty Blood, in which Arcueid manages to manifest her full power as Archetype Earth for an instant, completely nullifying an incoming attack before smiting an opponent with a powerful beam of energy from above.

Key: Pre-Tsukihime | Tsukihime | Post-Tsukihime | Melty Blood (White Princess / Red Arcueid) | Archetype: Earth


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Gilgamesh (Nasuverse) Gilgamesh (Pre-Tsukihime and Fate SN/Zero Gil was used)

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