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Archimonde the defiler by arcane villain-d4n1pru

His finger solo's.


Archimonde is the main antagonist of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. He is the left hand of the Dark Titan sargeras. His job was to lead the Burning Legions armies into battle.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-C, likely Far Higher

Name: Archimonde, epithet “the Defiler”

Origin: Warcraft

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, more than twenty-five thousand years old

Classification: Demon, Eredar Warlock, The left hand of the fallen Titan Sargeras, Eredar Overlord of the Burning Legion Forces

Powers and Abilities: Master Magician, Summoning, Magic Resistance ,Can fire bolts of chaotic energy which causes splash effect, Can stun enemies with his attacks, Energy Absorption (Can absorb the magical energies of the World Tree, Nordrassil), Teleportation, Size Manipulation (according to War of the Ancients, he's normally sixteen feet tall, during his fight Malorne he grew much larger, and during his assault on Nordrassil he grew hundreds of feet tall)

Attack Potency: At least Moon Level (Far superior to Mongrethod, Dimensius, and other entities that destroyed entire planets, the latter over time. Lore states that the most powerful of Eredar can destroy planets, and Kil'jaeden is among the strongest. Archmonde was going to destroy Draenor, see note)

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Class K+ (Snapped Malorne's neck), likely Class M+ at his largest based on sheer size

Striking Strength: Unknown, at least Class MJ+ giving his size, likely much higher (Physically overpowered Malorne a powerful Demigod)

Durability: At least Moon Level

Stamina: Immensely high to an unknown amount

Range: At least multiple kilometers with magic, likely much higher

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Intelligence: Very cunning and far sighted

Weaknesses: Arrogance and his inability to keep his anger in check (once killed a Fel Gaurd in anger over his inability to break through Elune's protection of Tyrande)

Note: The Reason for the tiering, in the prophet's book, Velen, we see this quote.

"This last being leveled the rock sculptures around him, clearing a space where he could kneel in the dust made from his destruction and draw symbols of dread power with his clawed finger. When he finished, there was a moment of perfect quiet as the slaughter halted and the entire world waited in horrified stillness.

And then, an explosion.

The unleashed energies ripped the world's surface apart, and Anduin found himself crying out and throwing his arms up in terror, but the magics moved right through him without harm. The Legion marched back into the portal, returning to the dark nexus of the demons' dwelling, and in their wake was left... nothing." -Velen: Prophet's Lessions.

In this, a casual unnamed Eredar, effortlessly below Archimonde or Kil'jaeden, destroyed the crust of an entire planet.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Rain of Chaos: Calls down multiple Infernals from the sky, creating large craters from the impacts where they land.
  • Dark Portal: Opens a portal, allowing demons to step through and do Archimonde’s bidding.
  • Finger of Death: Instantly turns a creature or building inside-out, destroying it utterly. It has enough power to one-shot a Doom Guard which is normally resilient against magic.
  • Air Burst: All affected enemies are tossed very high in the air.*
  • Fear*
  • Hand of Death*
  • Grip of the Legion*
  • Doomfire: A trail of fire moving on the ground away from Archimonde*
  • Soul Charge: When an enemy dies, Archimonde gains a Soul Charge which he can use once at a random time (with an animation looking like the Shaman Lightning Shield ability). Depending on which dying enemy created the Soul Charge, the effects may vary.


  • Many of Archimonde’s abilities (noted by *) are based on game mechanics.


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