Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies depending of the situation, 2-A at it's best showing.

Name: The Amulet of Kings

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Classification: Amulet made from the blood of Akatosh given to St Alessia that keeps the Dragonfires lit and the forces of Oblivion at bay

Weilders: St Alessia, the Vestige, Martin Septim, various Emperors of Cyrodil.

Powers and Abilities: Greatly increases the power of the wearer in times of need (magical, physically and so on), divine protection, soul manipulation (contains or is connected to the oversoul of Emperors).

Attack Potency: Depends on the situation at hand, Multiverse level+ at it's best (used by the Vestige to fight Molag Bal in Oblivion).