Amber (Darker Than Black)

C.C.'s Sister?

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Amber, also known as "February", and "UB-001"

Origin: Darker Than Black

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, biologically in her 19-20s

Classification: Human, Contractor, Former MI6 Agent, Leader of the Evening Primrose

Powers and abilities: Peak human physical stats, probably superhuman reactions/reflexes, time manipulation, can stop time completely or selectively for an indeterminate length of time, clairvoyance. Implied to have traveled to alternate timelines of the story

Attack Potency: Street level, doesn't focus on destruction

Speed: Peak human, probably Superhuman+ reactions/reflexes

Lifting Strength: Peak human

Striking Strength: Street Class, doesn't focus on destruction

Durability: Peak human

Stamina: Average

Range: Universal (her time stop isn't localized), melee range in combat

Standard Equipment: Machetes

Intelligence: Above average, is an experienced Field Agent for the MI6, should also have the same skills as Hei in hand to hand combat and the use of firearms. Was the leader of the organization of contractors, but she can make rational decisions.

Weaknesses: Using her powers causes her to age backwards as a "payment" and she will eventually be erased

Notable Attacks/Techniques

-Contractor: Contractors possess two other traits that give them a rather sinister reputation: the need to perform Obeisance, which is a bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers, and a generally pragmatic, logical world view. Contractors have a very wide array of powers, and each Contractor appears to have a power unique to him or herself. When a Contractor's powers are used, his or her eyes glow red and a blue glow occasionally surrounds its body. All Contractors are rational and practically immune to emotions. But they're many Contractors who have exhibit at least some forms of emotion, including love, joy, guilt, and sorrow.

  • -Chronokinesis: Amber's ability is chronal manipulation, which includes temporal freezing of time and rewinding of events to an unknown degree. Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, through a form of clairvoyance. Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability's effect will no longer detect her presence or movement.
  • -Obeisance: Her remuneration is aging backwards, making her appear frequently younger. Amagiri has warned her that she cannot use her ability flippantly, saying that she can only pay off her contract to a certain extent.


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