This story is about a boy named Rokumichi Kusaba who wants to confess his feelings to Yayoi Hino, his childhood friend. Unfortunately, after choosing the place to confess, he gets crushed by a train and loses his lower half. Rokumichi then gets saved by a scientist that turns him into a monster instead of a regular human being. How is his life going to be like under the guise of being a monster? And what would his childhood friend think?!

Power of the Verse

Right now it has a low overall powerlevel with its strongest character being a monster than is probably small building level at most. But durability and regeneration is a forte of this verse. The main character lives with missing half of his body all thanks to the bone manipulation powers to which the story centers its power system around, the bones that are used for the monster as well the the main character (and other beings) is harder than normal bones and they regenerate lost limbs in a matterof seconds, that means only their human parts are vulnerable.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series






Rokumichi Kusaba

Eichuu Gashagokuro