All-Black the Necrosword from Thor - God of Thunder Vol 1 2

All-Black the Necrosword

Powers and Stats

Origin: Marvel

Tier: Unknown

Powers and Abilities: Grants its wielder these abilities:

Attack Potency: Unknown (Gorr overpowered Old King Thor, and by combining it with the Odinforce, Thor defeated a somewhat fed Galactus 1 2 3)

Note: There are extreme inconsistencies surrounding this weapon. Regular Thor, who is only Solar System level, and past Thor, who was only Dwarf Star level, were able to challenge it almost as well as Odinforce/Thorforce Thor, who should logically be Multi-Galaxy level. In addition, by combining its power with the Odinforce/Thorforce, Thor was able to overcome a somewhat fed Galactus, who admittedly also displays extremely inconsistent power levels from occasion to occasion. In addition, it never explicitly displayed any destructive capacity beyond at best star level. Given all of this, and Marvel's general tendency to vastly adjust character power levels depending on the opponent, it is impossible to gauge it properly.