Akira Otoishi

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In the near future, with this baby right here, I'm gonna BLOW THE WHOLE WORLD AWAY!
~ Akira Otoishi


Akira Otoishi is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable. After being stabbed by the Stand Arrow, he awakens his Stand. He later kills the man responsible for his Stand, Keicho Nijimura, and takes the Bow and Arrow for himself. He later pursues Josuke Higashikata and Jotaro Kujo to make sure he can commit crimes in peace.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A. 8-B with Red Hot Chili Pepper

Name: Akira Otoishi

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Classification: Human, Stand User, Musician

Powers and Abilities: Proficient musical skills, Electricity Manipulation with Red Hot Chili Pepper, which can raise its power, heal wounds, make him levitate, and cover himself in a defensive electric coat.

Attack Potency: Athlete level. City Block level+ with Red Hot Chili Pepper (Matched and eventually surpassed Crazy Diamond in their fight).

Speed: Peak Human with Massively FTL reactions. Massively FTL for Red Hot Chili Pepper (Can move Josuke as he's knowing without him realizing it, and can match/outspeed him in combat. He is implied to have a chance against Jotaro Kujo. Blitzed The Hand).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Athlete Class. City Block Class+ with Red Hot Chili Pepper

Durability: Athlete level. City Block level+ with Red Hot Chili Pepper (Can withstand blows from Crazy Diamond.)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: 100 meters with Red Hot Chili Pepper

Standard Equipment: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Guitar, Toy Plane

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Akira is overconfident, as his pride can lead him to slip up. Any damage taken by Red Hot Chili Pepper will reflect back onto Akira. RHCP needs electricity to have power and live; if it dies, so does Akira. The farther RHCP is from a power source, the faster its power will drain. A vast conductor (ex. the Ocean) will severly damage RHCP and will permanently disable it, though it will not kill Akira.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Red Hot Chili Pepper: RHCP is a short, yellow, humanoid Stand with an appearance similar to a hybrid of a dinosaur and Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. It uses melee attacks, but can power itself up thanks to its ability.
    • Absorbing Electricity: Red Hot Chili Pepper can absorb electricity to use as energy in various ways, either to strengthen itself or damage others. There is no limit to how much electricity it can absorb, since it was capable of absorbing the entire electric grid of Morioh.
    • Electrical Transmission: Red Hot Chili Pepper can travel through electrical systems, including power wires or batteries, at light speed. If RHCP holds onto an object, it can turn it into electricity and move it where it desires alongside itself.


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