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The Fist of Shadow strikes from the cover of death itself. Do not impede the balance.


There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness -- all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. Akali is one of these shadow warriors, entrusted with the sacred duty of Pruning the Tree - eliminating those who threaten the equilibrium of Valoran.

A prodigal martial artist, Akali began training with her mother as soon as she could make a fist. Her mother's discipline was relentless and unforgiving, but predicated on the fundamental principle: We do that which must be done. When the Kinkou inducted her into the order at the age of fourteen, she could slice a dangling chain with a chop of her hand. There was no question - she would succeed her mother as the Fist of Shadow. She has had to do much in this role which others might find morally questionable, but to her it is in service of her mother's inviolable doctrine. She now works with her fellows Shen and Kennen to enforce the balance of Valoran.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C

Name: Akali, The Fist of Shadow

Origin: League of Legends

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Somewhere in her 20s)

Classification: Human, Ninja, Member of the Kinkou Order Triumvirate (Pruning the Tree)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master in the art of ninjutsu, Skilled kama wielder, Ki Manipulation, Becomes invisible in smoke, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Life Force Absorption

Attack Potency: Small Town level+ (Can fight on-par with Garen, and similarly powerful champions)

Speed: Hypersonic+ with Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Can keep up with champions like Kled and Garen, as well as close range lightning/light-based attacks)

Lifting Strength: At least Peak Human

Striking Strength: Small Town Class

Durability: Small Town level+

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Extended melee range with kamas, several meters with other abilities

Standard Equipment: Twin Disciplines (Kamas), Smoke Bombs

Intelligence: Above average

Weaknesses: Has a limited supply of energy with which to cast spells, her spells have cooldown periods, during which time they cannot be cast (Both are highly exaggerated in-game for gameplay balance purposes; for instance, Ekko is shown to be able to use his ultimate ability in rapid succession in his cinematic)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Basic Attack: Akali slashes with her kamas.
  • Twin Disciplines:
    • Discipline of Force: Akali's basic attacks deal 6% bonus magic damage.
    • Discipline of Might: Akali permanently has 6% spell vampirism.
  • Mark of the Assassin: Akali throws her kama at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking them for 6 seconds. If she uses a basic attack on a marked enemy, the mark detonates to deal additional magic damage and restore energy.
  • Twilight Shroud: Akali throws down a smoke cover which lasts for 8 seconds, granting Sight icon sight of the target area and slowing enemies within it. Upon entering the area, Akali becomes stealthed and gains bonus movement speed, which decays over 1 second and refreshes each time she re-enters stealth. If Akali uses a basic attack or ability while stealthed, she briefly reveals herself for 0.65 seconds.
  • Crescent Slash: Akali flourishes her kamas, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.
  • Shadow Dance: Akali dashes to the target enemy, striking through them and dealing magic damage in the process. The strike-through distance increases the closer Akali was to her target before dashing, and is halved against targets affected by Mark of the Assassin. Akali stores an Essence of Shadow periodically and upon taking down an enemy champion, up to a maximum of 3 stored at once.


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