Eternity (Marvel)

Eternity is the embodiment of time in the Marvel Universe, along with its counterpart, Infinity, who is the embodiment of space.


This term means that a certain character is an immaterial embodiment of a fundamental abstract concept, and is able to regenerate as long as the concept itself continues to exist.

It should be noted that simply being representative of a concept does not qualify a character for this ability, as it only applies to the ones that fulfill the above requirements.

Possible Uses

  • Omnipresence/Nigh Omniscience: Abstract entities might exist everywhere that their concept or theme resides, allowing them to be in multiple places at once.
  • Non-Corporeal: Due to embodying a concept or theme, many abstract beings lack true physical forms, and are thus difficult to physically damage.
  • Conceptual Manipulation: Abstract Entities might have incredible command over the theme or concept that their embody, as it is a part of their essence.
  • Reliant Immortality: Due to being the embodiment of a concept or theme, an abstract entity will exist for as long as its concept does.


  • Due to a particular concept forming an abstract entity's entire being, foes who are able to override their command over, and erase it, can destroy them permanently.
  • Abstract entities recurrently strictly embody a concept up to a certain level of reality. For example, Eternity only embodies time on a local, universal scale. If the universe is destroyed, so is he.


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