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I am the Arch-fiend, the Despoiler of Worlds, and by my hands shall the false Emperor fall.

Abaddon heresy
We were born for battle, Khayon. We were made to conquer the galaxy, not to rot in Hell and die upon our brothers' blades. Who are the architects of the Imperium? Who fought to purge its territory of aliens and expand its borders? Who brought rebellious worlds to heel and slaughtered those who refused the light of progress? Who walked from one side of the galaxy to the other, marking their passage in a trail of treacherous dead? This is our Imperium. Built across the worlds we burned, over bones we broke, with the blood we shed. You see it too. You feel it now, don't you? - A new war. One not born of bitterness nor founded on revenge. - The Long War, Khayon.


Abaddon, also known as Abaddon the Despoiler, once named Ezekyle Abaddon, is the Warmaster of Chaos, a feared Chaos Lord and one of the greatest Champion of Chaos in the galaxy. He leads the Black Legion (formerly the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus) after their Primarch's death and is the second being in the galaxy to receive the blessings of all four Chaos Gods, appointing him the new Warmaster of Chaos.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-B, likely far higher

Name: Ezekyle Abaddon

Origin: Warhammer 40,000

Gender: Male 

Age: At least 10,000+ years old

Classification: Chaos Lord, Champion of the Black Legion

Powers and Abilities:Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 4), Regeneration (At least Low-Mid, possibly up to Low-Godly with the Chaos Gods' blessings), Psychic Powers, Soul Manipulation, Soul Absorption, Reality Warping, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Immunity to disease and poison, Resistance to magic, soul, and mind attacks, Limited Intangibility, Invulnerability, Daemonic Protection means he cannot be killed by anything only in the physical world, and he can only be permanently killed by a Psyker with pure mind and heart destroying his soul, Power Nullification due to Khorne's blessings, Immunity to much Power Nullification, Soul Manipulation, Mind ManipulationReality Warping, etc. while his blessings are active (Effortlessly slaughtered the unprecedented number of Assassins sent to kill him, including numerous Culexus Assassins. Such Assassins had so little influence on him, they deemed him untouchable. Has put down the rebellion of many powerful Chaos sorcerers with sheer force.)

Attack Potency: At least Solar System level, likely far higher (Killed what was described as a perfect clone of his father with ease, said to be approaching the former power of Horus when he was empowered by Chaos Undivided. The Talon of Horus novel seems to imply that Abaddon is currently the strongest soldier of the Chaos Gods due to having their combined favor at all times, even mentioning that he succeeded in making all the Daemon Primarchs submit to his will and cause, providing evidence for him approaching Chaos Horus' power). Ignores conventional durability with Drach'nyen (See Standard Equipment)

Speed: Subsonic movement speed, At least FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Much faster than most other marines, the most highly trained of which are capable of reacting and processing information in under a nanosecond, Reacted to a swing from a perfect clone of Horus at close range before shattering his weapon and killing him), possibly Massively FTL+ reactions (If his speed is comparable to that of Chaos Horus, as well)

Lifting Strength: Class P

Striking Strength: At least Solar System Class, likely far higher

Durability: At least Solar System level, likely far higher. However, he cannot be permanently killed by purely physical means, as a powerful enough psyker must attack his soul, and said psyker must also have a pure heart and noble intent. Only a single being has come close to this goal.

Range: A few meters or so melee range with the Talon of Horus, several dozens of meters with Drach'nyen and the resulting shockwaves/reality and physics distortions, a few hundred meters with the Talon of Horus' Combi-bolter.

Standard Equipment:

  • Armor of Abaddon: Abaddon's terminator armor is covered with many archaic devices, runes, and fetishes that he has collected over the millennia during the Long War. The Terminator Armor Abaddon wears still incorporates a Daemonic Rune gifted to him by the Daemon-Oracle of Asellus Tertius which greatly enhances his protection from mortal weapons.
  • Talon of Horus: Upon his right hand Abaddon wears the Talon of Horus, an archaic Lightning Claw with a built-in Combi-bolter, which he took from his fallen Primarch Horus Lupercal. This legendary weapon is the very same to have slain the Blood Angels' Primarch Sanguinius and mortally wounded the Emperor Himself.
  • Drach'nyen: Daemons speak of the blade in fear, calling it the "Thorn in Reality" or the "Shard of Madness." Alive with dark intelligence, Drach'nyen has the power to sunder the material universe with its edge, cutting through matter as a mundane blade moves through smoke. In battle, Drach'nyen has been witnessed to destroy a Space Marine Land Raider and flay the souls from those it struck with a single touch. Even the hardened skin of daemons or armour sealed with the power of the Warp is little proof against its assault, as it drinks in the energy of the Immaterium like water, consuming all in its path utterly. The dark spirit that inhabits this fell weapon can alter the blade's appearance, revealing the skulls and faces of the souls it has devoured. As is later revealed, Drach'nyen's true form is that of an ancient daemon which predates the rise of mankind. The entity was born from the very first act of senseless murder, and is thus one of the most powerful daemons to have ever existed, not bound to any of the four major Ruinous Powers. Such is Drach'nyen's horrific might that, during its encounter with a group of humans in the Webway during the events of the Horus Heresy, the foul daemon was able to pierce both the flesh and armour of the Emperor of Mankind himself before being imprisoned.

Intelligence: The Warmaster of Chaos, At least 10,000+ years of fighting experience and is a known tactical and combat genius, with the ability to command the loyalty of the Black Legion. He also united the forces of Chaos throughout the galaxy and has time and time again proved to be of deadly cunning and intellect.

Weaknesses: None notable, save likely his own hubris



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