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The ARMD Class vessels were designed as space carriers for variable fighters and other U.N.S. spacecraft. Both ARMD-01 and ARMD-02 were destroyed in the first battle of Space War I on February 7, 2009. However, both vessels engaged in combat with the Zentradi fleet and proved quite successful at using anti-ship reaction warheads to destroy several large Zentradi warships.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, likely 7-A, possibly 6-C

Name: Armaments Rigged-up Moving Deck Class Space Carrier

Origin: Macross Series

Gender: N/A

Age: N/A

Classification: Space Carrier

Powers and Abilities: Space Carrier, Particle Beam, Missiles.

Attack Potency: At least City level, likely Mountain level, possibly Island level (if 10 gigatons yield of Anti-Celestial-Object Warheads is true).

Speed: At least Subsonic (Emergency acceleration is 22.5g), Relativistic (0.1-0.2 c) with missiles, Relativistic+ (0.5 C) with beam weaponry.

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Its own weight is 174 000 tons).

Striking Strength Unknown

Durability: At least Small City level

Stamina: Limitless, due to being a machine.

Range: Lightsecond with missiles and particle beams, several lightseconds with spacecraft.

Standard Equipment: 2 x OverTechnology advanced heat pile system clusters; 2 x OTMN-3T OverTechnology main nozzle clusters; many x vernier thrusters; Overtechnology advanced gravity control system; super dimension navigation system; 5 x guided converging beam cannon system; many x small anti-aircraft beam weaponry; 2 x large forty-meter-long (approximately) automatic anti-celestrial-object anti-ship missile launchers (mounted dorsal starboard and dorsal port); 6 x large automatic guided anti-ship missile launchers; many x small anti-aircraft missile weaponry; 78 x SF-3A Lancer II; 270 x QF-3000E Ghost; unknown number of VF-1 Valkyrie.

Intelligence: Based on its captain.

Weaknesses: Unlike SDF-1 Macross its armor is likely made of titanium alloys. Can't operate in atmosphere.

Feats: Somehow managed to dodge beam attacks from 1-1,5 lightsecond distance, destroyed superior Zentrandi battleships with ease by utilizing Anti-Celestial-Object Anti-Ship Missiles.

Note: Obsolete by 2040. Only two ships still in service (2040). Dimensions: 430 meters x 220 meters.


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