X-Blade (Incomplete)

Χ-blade (Complete) KHBBS

'χ'... A most ancient letter. Some say 'kye,' but the meaning is the same. Death... A letter that spells endings.
~ Xehanort describing the χ-blade


The χ-blade is a legendary weapon introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Despite looking similar to a Keyblade, it is something "altogether different"; rather than being a man-made counterpart to Kingdom Hearts, it coexists with Kingdom Hearts. As such, instead of opening the door to an artificial Kingdom Hearts like the Keyblade of heart, it actually materializes the true Kingdom Hearts, a perfect union of all hearts and worlds. 

According to legend the Keyblade War occurred because of the many souls who desired to take the χ-blade and Kingdom Hearts for themselves (Kingdom Hearts X reveals this to be inaccurate), and Master Xehanort later enacts his plots with the same goal in mind.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 4-C | Unknown, but far higher

Name: χ-Blade

Origin: Kingdom Hearts

Classification: First Keyblade, Counterpart and Guardian to Kingdom Hearts

Powers and Abilities: Unknown

Attack Potency: At least Large Star level (The X-Blade is presumably equal to Kingdom Hearts) | Unknown, but far higher

Wielder(s): Vanitas (Incomplete version), Ventus-Vanitas (Complete version) | None notable

Material or Element: A heart of both Light (Ventus) and Darkness (Vanitas)

Needed Prerequisite For Use: None to actually wield it, but to obtain it a heart of pure light and another of pure darkness must clash

Key: X-Blade (Birth By Sleep) | X-Blade (True)

Note: This page covers the X-Blade seen in Birth by Sleep. The real one was destroyed thousands of years ago, but is presumably far more powerful than the version that we've seen. The reason for the second key is that the X-Blade Xehanort created through Vanitas and Ventus merging was considered a failure as the true X-Blade can only be made by the clashing of Seven Lights (The seven keyblade wielders of light) and Thirteen Darknesses (The true Organization XIII), the true one X-Blade that is supposed to be much stronger than the one seen from BBS.