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Some Zelda revision

So, just some things I wanted to discuss about:
1. Ganondorf should have type 4 immortality because it was the ToP that gave him immortality in the first place and according to the Zelda Wiki: “The Triforce of Power embodies the essence of the Goddess of Power, Din, the creator of Hyrule. Whoever holds the Triforce of Power is granted "true power". This power is absolute, making the recipient of Din's blessing a god-like entity, vastly more powerful than any mortal, affording its wielder invulnerability, vast strength and an unlimited source of mystical power”. Ignoring NLF statements, this clearly says that Ganon immortality was given by Din.
2. The Master Sword was described to be a failsafe to the Triforce in aLttP. Is that because they have some kind of connection or because the MS gives reality warping resistance? Also the fact that in TP was able to cut the connection between Ganondorf and ToP is also caused by their connection or because it negates type 4 immortality?
3. In Composite Link page should someone add some OP combination such us time stop and existance erasure, or Chateau Romani+Four Sword+Fierce Deity Mask+Magic Cape/Magic Armor? Plus, in Durability, why isn’t used the famous calc that calculated that if all of Link’s defence enchanting stacked he would minimize damage to 3/128, basically 42 times higher than his base Dura?
4. It should be written in the Speed section that Link (and other characters that scales from him) have a lower travel speed than their actual combat speed, as shown by the fact that Link travels across Hyrule faster with Epona than on foot (unless someone seriously tries to say that Epona is relativistic+). Last thing, does the Bunny Hood increase Link’s swing speed? If yes, Link may reach relativistic+
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